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Does Being Bad With Marriage Make You Bad at Business? by (Lyon Brave)

Does Being Bad With Marriage Make You Bad at Business?      by   (Lyon Brave)

There is an old saying that goes, marriage might not make men better workers, but wives make them better negotiators. Anyone who has ever been in a romantic relationship knows there is a lot of give and take and individual sacrifices to make a partnership work. With that being said, does the influence of a husband or a wife make one more successful in business. 

Does knowing how to be a good marriage partner equip you with the skills and experience to be a good business partner?

Another saying is that smart couples get rich together. When we go through life single and autonomous, we might not know how to be a  team player. If we are unable to work well with others, we will likely not thrive in a company environment where teamwork and communication are essential. 

Any man that has spent quality time with his girlfriend, was probably forced to become a better communicator and work out a lot of problems through talking. Being able to communicate effectively with your wife, likely has given you the experience and skills to communicate in the business world. 

You cannot be successful if you cannot make compromises. You want to get promoted, but you refuse to put in extra work. You want more money, but once again you refuse to put in more work. You want to be heard at work, but you are unwilling to listen. 

Yes, romantic relationships  can teach us the art form of compromise. Sometimes we have to flat out yield to another's wishes to get some of our own. 

The hardest thing to understand about life is a lot of wishes can come true, but not every wish. You got to learn to let go of some things in order to get somethings. For instance, it might be hard to move to Paris with a dog, a Jacuzzi, and a collection of Nike shoes. 

What I can tell you is compromising is one of the keys to being successful in life and so is taking personal and professional responsibility.

If you always makes excuses for your actions or evade responsibility at work and with your family in the pursuit of pleasure, you will not win at life. You will destroy your career. You will destroy your family and you will destroy yourself. 

It is easy to avoid personal responsibility for your actions. Oh, i'm just here for a pay check, so why do my best. This isn't my dream job, so nobody will notice if I come in a little late. I don't get paid enough, so why go the extra mile. She is not a supermodel, so why marry her though she does everything humanly possible to make you happy.The list of excuses humans make for their life is endless. These are just some of the first world excuses. 

According to an article published on Huff Post by Lisa Belkin , "single mothers still ferociously outnumber single fathers. And yes, the percentage of households with minor children that are headed by dads is still small — only 8 percent of all US households at last count. But men reflect a growing portion of single parent households — almost one quarter, compared with only 14 percent in 1960. And, single parent households are a growing share of all American families; back in 1960, 92 percent of all households had two married parents raising children while in 2011 it was down to 67 percent."

Now, one of the most careless things a man and a woman can do is have casual sex, which leaves them with an unexpected child to raise.  Obviously, making a child and not raising it's an extremely irresponsible thing to do.Single mother households are increasing and so are single father households. On average 1 in 10 women raises a child alone. 3 in 10 women raising a child alone live in poverty. What are people being so responsible about sex and marriage these days?

In 2014, while the overall rate of poverty in America was at 14.8 percent, the rate of poverty for single mother families was 30.6 percent.When a woman raises a child in poverty this leads to many issues for the mother and child to overcome. The child could easily be pulled into a life of crime to make some fast cash. 

I have heard the excuses from men and women who abandon their children, they say things like I wasn't in love, I was too young, the mother was difficult, the father was a loser, I had no job or education. All these sentiments are excuses. A way to avoid personal responsibility for ones actions.

It would be a lot more honest to say I left because I could not handle the responsibility. I left because I am selfish. I left because I'm lazy. 

All relationships take work. Difficult relationships take even more work. If you have a child with someone, if they are not abusive, I recommend putting in as much work as humanly possible for the child's sake. Otherwise, you should not have had a child. At this point, we should all know how babies are made.

It could easily be theorized that a man who cannot take responsibility for his family, is unable to take responsibility for his finances and career success.  Statistics show that married men earn approximately 11 percent more per hour than men who have never been married, even after controlling for work experience, education, age and other factors.

It is theorized that the reason for the wage gap between single and married men is because employers take a man's marital status as a signal of how stable or responsible he is and discriminate accordingly. Though this is a generalization, this bias may have it's merits. Usually, single men are more careless with money, time and resources.

It wouldn't be a supersize if a 24 year old single man, stayed out all night blowing his companies credit card on alcohol and women and then tried to write it off as a business meeting. As a rule of thumb being single can mean more alcohol and more nights out at the bar. 

According to  Abbigail J. Chiodo ,and Michael T. Owyang, "some economists have considered the possibility that the causality is reversed: Married men tend to make more money because the traits that make a man a high wage earner are also the traits that make him a good marriage partner." Also a man or woman who has to support a family, might simply have more motivation to become economically stable because if you are single and likable you could probably get away with couch surfing for sometime. 

What do you guys think, if you are bad at marriage, are you bad at business?


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Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #5

Lyon, There is a great deal of truth in what you say. I agree, in general, but I've known married men that display al the negative views and actions of unmarried men at the drop of a hat. Each man is different as is each woman. Will we continue to have unplanned children? Yes, until sex is not pushed into the shadows.

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

That is likely, unfortunately. So, who pays for the faults of others?

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee

Negotiating and compromising are important for any business as also for any relationship. Friends to keep abreast have to do this as well. Even brothers may have disagreements and it is their ability to negotiate and compromise that help them stay together. I agree with you Lyon Brave. It surprises me that a casual sex may lead to a child for a mother to raise him alone. Doesn't the father care about his produce? My explanation is that for a father to build an emotional bond with a child he has to see the child growing and enjoy his/her growth. Being a father is something; being a watching father who lives the experience of fatherhood is totally different. Being away removes the thrill of watching a child grow.

Lisa Vanderburg

Lisa Vanderburg

3 years ago #2

Superbly challenging Questions you raise Lyon Brave; kudos to you! Certainly in my experience, most of life is an 'accident' that takes all the planning in the world and blows it away in nanoseconds. There are a few (very small, I suspect) that actually plan and reach their goal - female or male. That said, I think both sexes probably perform in direct reaction to those demands that life's 'oopsies' occur. Ideally, we should only procreate in an orderly fashion, but that makes assumptions on every angle. That's what makes this such a good read; the 'handling' of these angles. I think (let's say a 1st-worlder society), that these decisions are harder, because both sexes perceive they have a choice!

Lyon Brave

Lyon Brave

3 years ago #1

Bernard Poulin Thank you Bernard. I just got your books. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

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