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3 years ago

Does Being Bad With Marriage Make You Bad at Business? by (Lyon Brave)

Lyon Brave · There is an old saying that goes, marriage might not make men better workers, but wives make them better negotiators. Anyone who has ever been in a romantic relationship knows there is a lot of give and take and individual sacrifices to make a partnership work. With that being sa ...

4 years ago

The Man Everyone Should Know: Bernard Poulin

Lyon Brave · Bernard Poulin is an impressive man living in Ottawa Canada. He is an international artist who specializes in portrait paintings. He might even be a genius. I am not sure yet. I literally just googled him this minute, after Javier 🐝 beBee pointed out a kindness Bernard Poulin bes ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · Everybody wants to make money, but when you are pursuing a profession in the creative arts that might not be possible in the beginning stages of your career or building your platform. It might seem counter intuitive to take an internship that doesn’t pay or a gig that doesn’t pay ...

5 years ago

The Blindfold

Dean Owen · I’d searched everywhere for a decent one. It had to be soft, and comfortable, and not overly conspicuous. It was time to get creative. I headed for the red-light district of Shibuya in downtown Tokyo. Surely they would have what I needed. · Bulking up the courage to step in, whi ...

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