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2 years ago

Is There Any Reason to Write For beBee? LAB

Lyon Brave · beBee is essentially a blogging platform. It will not make you famous and it will not make you rich. If you want to get paid for your writing you are better off pitching your articles to publishers that pay. · If you want to start your own blog, you should just go ahead and do it ...

2 years ago

Is The Key to Success Boredom? -成功的秘诀英语作文 (Lyon Amor Brave)

Lyon Brave · The irony of success is people strive for success because of the entertainment and excitement they think it will bring them. Everyone wants the rewards of a lifetime of work, but nobody wants to put in a lifetime of work. · People relate success with luxury, fast sport cars and A ...

3 years ago

Does Being Bad With Marriage Make You Bad at Business? by (Lyon Brave)

Lyon Brave · There is an old saying that goes, marriage might not make men better workers, but wives make them better negotiators. Anyone who has ever been in a romantic relationship knows there is a lot of give and take and individual sacrifices to make a partnership work. With that being sa ...

5 years ago

A Question On Interim Jobs – No sex please, We’re British!!!

Dean Owen · I was recently sent an email from a B.A.International Business 1st Class Honours graduate of Middlesex University London. A full six months after graduating, he was still trying to navigate the job-hunting process and with little success. · To some extent, the University had giv ...

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