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4 years ago

Why Nice Guys Finish Last: They Buy Their Bullies Lunch

Lyon Brave · Nice guys finish last for a reason, they neglect their own needs, don't stand up for themselves, and let their enemies take advantage of them. There is another word for 'Nice Guys' - spineless. · People pleasing is probably the number one reason for depression because a people p ...

4 years ago

Is Javier BeBee Your Spirit Guide or An Ascended Master

Lyon Brave · Is Javier 🐝 beBee Your spirit guide? · Before answering this question, let's understand what a spirit guide is. Some people say the best way to define somethings is by what it is not. For instance a spirit guide is not a negative influence.   · A spirit guide wouldn't encourage y ...

4 years ago


Lyon Brave · This could be a big problem. Nobody wants to date a religious freak. Not to mention dating a religious person means you probably won’t get laid to the wedding night, which might be fine for you if you are a religious fanatic as well. · You know you are dating a religious freak i ...

4 years ago

WTF Is Up With Easter

Lyon Brave · Is it just me or is Easter one of our strangest holidays. The symbolism for Easter is a bunny carrying a basket of eggs. I enjoy a good Easter egg hunt like any scavenger, but what the hell does a bunny have to do with anything. Perhaps, because of the humping-horny nature of the ...

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