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Tweet It -Post It- Like It

Tweet It -Post It- Like Itgh ls: Er
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You have to take advantage of social media, which is a chore. Clicking buttons, uploading photos and videos and writing short posts that can fit into twitter sucks. Marinating social media accounts is something introverts have a hard time with. If you can’t stand Facebook, you ate going to have a hard time marketing. Sites like Facebook have changed the face of marketing.

Luckily, you can outsource maintenance of your social media accounts overseas and they will probably be more successful, then if you would maintain your own accounts.



Twitter seems to have no real merit as a business tool, but it’s actually very valuable for making connections with people you might not otherwise have access to. If you think about it you can tweet Ellen DeGeneres and she might actually read it.

Twitter is cool because it opens the channel of communication, though we are limited by 150 characters.


LinkedIn is for business professionals. LinkedIn makes it easy to network with people in your field and it makes you accessible to potential employers. You can set up a resume, profile, and headshot. You never know who might stumble across you and offer you a job.

It’s the world’s largest professional network and for that reason, you need to post your best.


Pinterest is a place you pin things. It basically works like your refrigerator, but for the internet. It’s good to have a Pinterest account because it shows up in Google search engines in a matter of a day. If you just opened a business, or are an inspiring model, go ahead and plaster photos all over Pinterest, that’s what it’s for.

Pinterest serves as a giant inspiration board.

Google Plus+

You should definitely have a Google Plus account. Google is an elite search engine. There is no search engine in the world that even rivals Google. Google is here for life. It is simply superior. If you don’t pop up on the google search engine, then you don’t exist. If you have a Google Plus account, you are guaranteed to pop up in the search results. All you have to do is set up an email account with Google and it’s free to use. Not only will this get your name or business in the search engine, but it can get pictures of your business on the web.

Google OMG!


Tumblr is a combination of Pinterest and a blog. It’s easy to use. The brilliant thing about Tumblr is it reuses blogs, you don’t have to have original content. There are many ways to attract attention to your blog because you can use other people’s material. If you are a wannabe actress a good way to use Tumblr would be to repost content about famous actresses and occasionally sneak in information about yourself. Someone looking for naked Jessica Alba pictures might find you!

Post with famous headlines to get famous. The fast-paced nature of Tumblr makes it ideal for memes, GIF’s, and other forms of viral content.


Instagram is a hit and miss platform. Some people do extremely well on Instagram and it becomes a crucial part of their campaign. Other people have no reason to use Instagram. I guess it depends on what you are using Instagram for. If you are a photographer, artist, or model, Instagram is probably worth having. If you are an accounting firm looking for a new client, there is probably a better way to draw attention.2433a362.jpg

On the surface, Instagram seems like a selfie fest, but believe it or not professional photographers use is a way to show off their work. Instagram is not just for photos. People use Instagram as a venue for serious political discussions.

Now there are tons of apps and social media networks that can help you get your name out there You are in luck because you can link the popular social media sites together. This means when you post on Facebook, it also posts on Twitter and Tumblr. Managing social media accounts can be easier than you think.

You are going to have to do your own research and decide which ones are best for you to promote on. One thing is true, in the beginning, you should narrow it down to five if you are managing them yourself. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin and you want to lead with your best content.

Remember: Once it’s online it's forever, so be careful with the content you post. If you want to become a Christian writer, posting the photo of you smoking a blunt and running around at gay pride might not be a good idea.

You will have to learn to censor your own content depending on your brain. If you are a family brand, your post should be family oriented. If you are a rock star, your post can be a little edgier. 

dd6929d3.jpgYou always need to keep your audience in mind when posting content and you cannot cater to everyone. There will always be a critic, but don’t let them mute you.

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Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador

Nice compilation of thoughts about social media, Lyon Brave. I agree about spreading ourselves too thin. I believe it best to stay with the ones that best suit our needs.

Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee

The thing I suspect about Google is they skew results. If you are logged into Google and search on your name, it will inevitably show up. The only way to truly know if you show up on Google is to have someone else check on Google under their account. They kisskiss you to make you feel good and so you'll use them exclusively. I've played around with this myself and found this to be true.

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