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Listicle Warning – Twelve things you should know as an Entrepreneur

1. Birds start chirping at 3:30am

2. Home delivery is a lot cheaper than buying in stores

3. People - even those you consider friends - want you to fail

4. Your brilliant idea is not new but the way you pitch it is critical to your success

5. “I think it is a brilliant idea” is not the same as “Where do I sign”

6. Whatever your budget for project costs and launch schedule timelines, have enough funds to cover twice the amount and twice the time period

7. Only talk to people who listen

8. Don’t even think about raising money outside of “Friends & Family” until you have sales

9. You will be lucky to get a 1% Conversion rate from your Social Media Followers

10. Your sales pitch is too long. Spend a whole week brainstorming how to pitch your product in one perfect, blow your socks off sentence.

11. Don’t go BIG until you have won SMALL

12. The World becomes a lot friendlier once you succeed

Dean Owen is Co-Founder of Quimojo, a revolutionary new concept in Global Campus Recruitment. Search, Connect, Chat, & Video Interview candidates all from within a single platform. 

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Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #25

Great listicle Dean Owen. Number 6 is a biggie. So many begin and don't realize how important this is until they the debt overflows into their personal lives- maybe even 5 years after they began. If a person works under contract, it's never a given that the contract will live out it's terms as well.

Sara Jacobovici

4 years ago #24

Hope you don't keep your promise Dean Owen. Stick to the responses from your readers and take it from there. I will add to the comments by saying that your listicle is definitely a true resource. My humble addition to the list would be: Don't isolate yourself. Create a support team. As for the birds, Robert Bateman, an artist, believes everyone should be a birdwatcher. "Birders, in his biased view, are emotionally well-adjusted in the main, observant by definition and acutely aware..." Nice to hear them sing when you wake up, but remember, you're not limited to the bird experience only at 3:30 am.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #23

I have no doubt conspiracy theories sell, and travel blogs sell, but mixing them will be a tough sell, but who knows...

Dean Owen

5 years ago #22

I know how you feel Brian McKenzie but you have a unique perspective on an unknown subject matter and it's worth pursuing (although as a travel writer I would tone down somewhat the political commentary). Are you still planning on crowd funding? Not an easy path.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #21

That is an excellent point, firstly on the "small and select group of goods and services". I mean, it would be near impossible to get people to sign up for a Colgate newsletter with toothpaste related content. And yes social media is a great venue for networking the startup ecosystem, but it requires a lot of effort whereas attending a startup conference gets you face to face with relevant people that you may have never found through social media (especially in Asia). Getting the attention of Angels and VCs is extremely difficult through social media as they tend to work on a referral basis. But it would be extremely easy for me to find a qualified digi marketer through social media. Thanks for the excellent comment as always Phil Friedman

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #20

Dean Owen. And re-reading the list, I am again moved to both compliment you on its insight and make an additional comment. You say correctly that, "9. You will be lucky to get a 1% Conversion rate from your Social Media Followers ..." But I would suggest that perhaps a good portion of whatever value, if any, social media holds for an entrepreneur with a new development is the potential contact he or she might be able to generate. with competent and experienced people -- people who may often be willing to help spread the word about that entrepreneur's project. I have long believed that social media is a good selling vehicle only for a very small and select group of goods and services. And that for the rest of us in business or professions, the value of social media resides solely in the opportunities for mutual help that may exist in networking. Cheers!

Dean Owen

5 years ago #19

Totally Jessica Robinson. Looking forward to your first article on beBee! :)

Javier 🐝 CR

5 years ago #18

I fully agree Phil Friedman is often a refreshing mentor and advisor :)

Dean Owen

5 years ago #17

Much appreciate the overwhelming response from all you Bees. Honoured and extremely flattered, and apologies for going the listicle route! Promise I won't do it again! :)

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #16

This post by Dean Owen is required reading for all who would become new entrepreneurs.

Phil Friedman

5 years ago #15

Dean Owen, all of your points evidence genuine entrepreneurial experience. On social media, "entrepreneur" is too often code for unemployed and many self proclaimed entrepreneurs giving advice don't have a clue about startup capital requirements or anything real. Obviously, you do, and this piece of yours does a service to all who would be new entrepreneurs. Cheers!

Gert Scholtz

5 years ago #14

A really good Listicle Dean! Thank you.

I used to rise at 4 am, when I worked I needed the "me" time before I started my 7 am job. Now that I am retired, I rise around 7 am. I like mornings and love to hear the birds sing.

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #12

Yes of course! It's an amazing thinking, really!

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #11

Recording bird song? This is an amazing idea. Thanks!

Dean Owen

5 years ago #10

Thanks @Joe Sillett. Indeed there will be a few who really root for you. I think it is human nature. It is easier to root for people if you have found success yourself.

Kevin Pashuk

5 years ago #9

Great list Dean Owen, as for landscape photographers being up at 3:30am to catch a sunrise shot? I tried that once. Stayed up all night wondering if this was a wise idea. Then it dawned on me. :)

Kevin Pashuk

5 years ago #8

Great list Dean Owen

Dean Owen

5 years ago #7

Thanks @Mohammed A. Jawad. I love the start of day. I love the end of day. I actually don't like sleep, but the birds chirping are my reverse alarm clock, telling me I need some rest before the sun rises and wakes me up.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #6

Thanks @Navinya Lee. I wish I could narrow our pitch down to 3-4 word tagline like all the big guys do! I guess, once you are big and known, it is much easier.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #5

Thanks Donna-Luisa Eversley. I was really reluctant to do a listicle as I hate them myself. But this is one list I wish I had starting out so hopefully it helps someone!

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #4

Aha...quick reminders for easy remembrance :) There's a lesson in the chirping of birds, and that we ought to be cheery, with the start of the day.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #3

And thank you Qamar Ali Khan for "sharing". Much appreciated!

Ken Boddie

5 years ago #2

Great pointers, Dean Owen There is, however, no such time as 3.30am! Unless of course you are on a long haul flight, confined to a noisy public hospital ward, or are a hopelessly enthusiastic landscape photographer. 🐓

Qamar Ali Khan

5 years ago #1

Wow! Brilliant Dean Owen! These are golden tips indeed. Thanks for sharing!

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