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Your World Smoke Free

Your World Smoke FreeIt's the world's most addictive love-hate relationship. We hate that we smoke. We love that we smoke. We love reaching for a cigarette when we are stressed out or socializing at a party. We hate that our mouth tastes like an ashtray when we go to kiss a love interest. 

Cigarettes are a smoker's best friend. Their lives revolve around smoking. They time their drive to work by the cigarettes they smoke. They can't enjoy coffee or beer without them. They don't know how to exist without a cigarette in their hand. It's the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing they do before they go to sleep. This is the plight of the chain-smoker. Their identity is wrapped up in cigarettes. All of their habits are tied up in smoking. 

This pattern makes a smoker an incredibly unproductive person. Let's say it takes 5mins to smoke a cigarette and let's say you are the traditional pack a day smoker. A pack a day smoker is wasting about two hours a day just puffing on death. I have even heard of people smoking 2-4 packs a day. Where they get the time? Where do they get the money? Trust me there are better ways you can spend your time and money. You don't actually just want to sit there smoking. That's a very passive, self-destructive, boring lifestyle. 


Justify your smoking. Make excuses for your smoking. Tell yourself you will quit tomorrow and never do. Lie to yourself, your lover and your friends and become poorer, less social and unhealthy because of investing in the world's worse product and habit. You are paying to kill yourself. You are paying to stink like a slutbag. You smell like a poor person. 

You might not be able to see it, but smoking is holding you back. It's a drain on your wallet, it's stealing your health, confidence, money and romantic game. Plus there are more non-smokers than smokers and non-smokers can't stand the smell of cigarettes. If success is about networking, how do you think people feel about you when you stink like you were at a dive bar all night. 

A life without cigarettes is a better life indeed. 807530a2.jpg

You can quit smoking !!!

You can be healthy !!!

You can save money !!!

And you can do today !!!

You can live a smoke-free life NOW !!!


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