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in their lifetimeThe Gun Violence Archive stated there have been 33,028 total shooting incidents in the US in 2019 as of Sunday, resulting in 8,734 deaths and 17,308 injuries. There has been more mass shootings in 2019 than ever, what's going on America?? Here is a map to see where the blood shed is and yes when you sense that people around you distrust their environments, you are picking up correctly. If the locals are distrustful extra reason to be cautious if you are new to your surroundings and people. Travel warnings for America are avoid large groups and crowded areas, be on high alert for mass shootings.

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Now a lot of people in America have guns and a lot of people are abusing this liberty to slaughter men and women like sheep. America is also a drug addicted country, so there is know telling how stable individuals are. I would not blame mass shootings on weed like some people do in the media. I would continue to blame mass shootings on the easy access to guns, the fact that you can just walk into Wal-mart and get one and as far as background checks go, they just do not work. When a person snaps, their is nothing in their background to indicate it. A background check cannot predict the future. The awful truth is most humans have the capacity for murder and that has been proven throughout history. 

There is also a lot of mental illness in America. I would also not blame mass shootings on depression. Again I would blame mass shootings on the easy access to guns. A completely normal teenage kid could go into his father's gun cabinet and kill him for taken his car privileges. It's an extreme overreaction, but it happens. Anything can impair judgment. It doesn't have to be drugs and alcohol involved. All it takes is a broken heart or a hurt ego to create temporary impairment in judgement, which is why civilians should not have access to guns. 


Having a good attitude is important, but not always possible. You do not have to always be smiling and jumping for joy in life. You can be somber and sulking. Silently pissed off, but you should never go on a killing spree. It's just not cool. 

I am not a psychiatrist, but I find it hard to believe people do not have control of their own thoughts. I also think to say someone was mentally ill is away to allow them to escape blame for the vicious crime they committed. 

What parents say and the media they consume, likely has more to do with their actions and thoughts than mental illness. I am not sure if we can keep saying mental illness is the blame, when it likely their was not a proper environment for this person to learn how to be a good person and deal with the challenges of life. 

All I know is life takes a lot of coaching and a lot of people have no mentors or bad mentors. I think the real problem is that America is an individualistic society and we show little regard to anyone besides are self even neglecting our own children, to wonder how our own son became a monster. 

There are many reasons to cry, shout, and even drink your blues away for a day or two, though this article is not condemning alcohol or drug use as a healthy way to deal with problems, but their are other ways to deal with the complications of life without killing yourself or other people. 

Go hiking, talk to you friends, talk to a counselor, get help, get a job, get a new job or a new life and if that is not an option have the foresight and patience to wait until it is an option. It's about giving things time to get better and I am not going to tell you life can change in a day a week, or even a month, but life can change and does change. It could take a decade to really change your situation and life, but you should be thrilled to be working on a life plan instead of brewing in your hate for the world, people or yourself. 


We are only victims of circumstance if the only attempt we make to change our circumstance is to seek revenge on people in our environments. If you hate the people in the town so much, move. I know it seems like I am poking light at a sensitive subject, but nobody has an excuse for killing people. Being bullied is not an excuse. 

I was bullied bad when I went to a school in Cleveland, I used to have to leave school early to avoid being jumped by the kids. I am not trying to minimize that brutality of bullying, but trust me leaving school early is a much wiser decision than getting a gun. If you are really being bullied  talk to your parents, standup for yourself. I know it's hard, but revenge kills are not the answer.

Killing people is not cool. It's a completely irrational and childish act, because if you would have a little foresight, you would respect your own life enough not to end it. Things can always change and get better. I just don't get how someone can sit in their apartment and make a hit list, order guns, and even plan a killing spree for months prior. If that hate were inspiration life would be better. If that plan was something more rational than stock piling guns, than life would be better. 

I understand the rage behind a killer, but i do not get how one could completely give up to enact it. I mean you really have to give-up on everything to go on rampage. Life beats you down, but you can't shoot people. 

Having a son end up dead and a wife leave you in the same year is rough and it happens, worse happens. People say terrible things come in 3s, but some people get hit with a lot more than three things in one year. 

I am not going to say I do not understand when people lose their cool because I get it, someone left a note on your car that literally said, I had fun fucking your wife and they meant it. Then you get home and their is an eviction notice on the door. It's normal to want the kill the person who tore apart your family, but if you think logically about it, the guy fucking your wife is really not the problem and the evection notice is not your landlords fault either.

The scenario occurred because something was not working in the first place and the last thing I would do is destroy my whole life over a person who cheated on me, but people make these decisions everyday because they are hot headed and lack foresight.  You have to keep you cool and look at the big picture. Are emotions are provoked everyday and everyday we are challenged to remain calm amongst very unnerving and hectic situations. 

Shootings are becoming so common that America officially has travel warnings like it's Iraq. Travelers are now warned about America's mass shootings and that is crazy that are safety is so rocky in this country nowadays. 

Obviously guns are not making the country safer. 

It just makes it easier for hot heads to slay people and their are a lot of hot heads in America, because America is a hard country, a drug addicted country, and a country with many people with mental illness and the family support structure is falling apart in America, which is probably the root of the problem, people feel unloved and unsupported in the midlist of hard times. 

It's easy to see why people go bat shit nuts and crazy, still it's not cool to go crazy and kill yourself or other people just because it seems like something is not working out in your life. A  big part of life is what sucks, so you can notice what's good. Life is not all bad and life is not all good and life is really about where you keep your focus, because there are two types of people who get bullied in life. 

1.) There is the person who gets bullied and it might hurt them, they might feel threatened, but they still live their life, focus on other things like their school work or plans for the future and understand the situation is temporary. This person usually has a stronger sense of identity, so is not so easily shaken by the external world.  I am not sure why some people have more self awareness or situational awareness than others, but this is really the main difference between someone who is bullied and in relatively unaffected just and someone who is deeply disturbed. Bad parenting might be the real reason a kids self esteem is lowered so easily by bullying, because though bullying is real, I have expereinced is and honestly a lot of kids do not get the attention and life direction they need at home. Still some 8 years old know how to deal with situations better than 15 year old

2.) There is the person that becomes filed with rage and fear and lets the external world control their internal world so badly, they let the fact that they were bullied become their identity. Being bullied becomes their identity so completely, that they end up thinking getting revenge with their bully is worth their whole life or future, not realizing they can eventually get away from this person. You have to have patience even if you are a situation where you are fairly helpless for many years. You may have bad parents and a poor environment. I am not saying your situation is not serious and bad, I am saying it can change and I am saying there are a lot of people in your situation, that is why there are so many types of support groups.

 Whatever did not workout for you happened to someone else who handled the same situation in a rational and sane way.

You cannot go on a killing spree without being killed or sentenced to life in prison, which is a death sentence and a lot of people are making this decision in our country, to just pick up a gun and kill everyone in sight. It's scary that we cannot even go a week without their being a new rampage shooting. I understand the pain behind snapping, but I cannot understand how someone can just throw their entire life away because of a bad month or year. 

You have to have foresight to know that life can change. You do not have to be in that town, that city, that school, that job or with that girl and if you pull the trigger on yourself, or someone else that's cowardice, that's giving up and it's even worse if you steal someone else's life because you feel like life is not working out for you. 

Technically, there is not one person on earth who probably doesn't have a good reason to want to shoot someone else, but we don't because we know it's not the right way to handle situations. 

The cure for homicidal maniacs is rationality. 

It is never rational to kill strangers or even people who have wronged us (Self Defense is a different case.). It's obviously coming from a place of anger, but before you pick up a gun you need to think logically, is this how you really want to go out and what you want your life to be about rage and failure, because life is never over-over just because things feel so screwed up you want to just kill everyone.

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Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #2

Lyon, Please keep sharing your views and the lessons you have learned from your past. It is important that as many voices as can be mustered "rage against the dying of the light." We need you to continue to speak the truth. And so it goes.

Lüiz Enrique

Lüiz Enrique

2 years ago #1

No guns, more easy to control the population.

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