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Corona Virus Was The Best Thing To Happen to Poor America!

As much as we want to bitch and complain about 2020 for making us wear masks and stay in doors, for a lot of poor people in America, Corona Virus was like winning the lottery.

Let’s be real, a lot of Americans live hand to mouth. They are one paycheck away from sleeping in their cars and this was reality before the pandemic.

The pandemic gives poor people more help and chances than ever to get their lives together.

Let’s start with the three rounds of stimulus checks. The first check was 1,200 USD. The second check was 600 USD and the third check was 1,400 USD.

Though this was not a lot of money, it was free money in a world where people routinely make less than 16,000 USD a year in America and are struggling to survive with families.

If poor America has any money in their savings account right now, I guarantee you it’s from their stimulus checks.

The CARES Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020, and the first stimulus check, which maxed out at $1,200 per person (with an extra $500 per dependent),

The government gave us a minimum of 3,200 USD in free money over the course of a year and it helped!

There is nowhere you can survive in America on a minimum wage job.

Trying to take care of a family on stagnant salaries is a stressful and cruel way to live out your adult life in America, but it is reality for a lot of people and the truth is as much as we want and need more money, the stimulus check made a big difference to millions of Americans and especially those who got extra money for dependents.

Corona Virus sucked, but it also helped us take better care of ourselves and families.

The odds were against poor America before the Corona Virus hit.

Corona Virus, put a microscope to poor America and got them the help that they needed.

Even if it is only temporary that the government handed out extra food stamps, extra unemployment and eviction protections it has made a big difference in poor America.

Just the way George Floyd’s death put a microscope to racial inequalities Corona Virus, put a microscope on poverty in America.

Corona Virus Was The Best Thing To Happen to Poor America!R
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Lyon Brave is language consultant and speech coach who works internationally.


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Jerry Fletcher

6 months ago #1

lyon, what you say is true and vastly unfortunate!

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