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PRESS KIT: LAB AKA Lyon Amor Brave (Abstract Hip-hop, Urban Techno)

LAB is an artist and musician working all around the world. She likes to be on the go and work with a variety of people in a variety of fashions, in a variety of locations for a variety of reasons. She likes to experiment with her sound and art, which is why you can call her LAB because that is what you do in a LAB, experiment.  She dabbles in  abstract hip-hop,, urban techno, classical, jazz, blues and folk. she also paints, draws and dabbles in film, writing, journalism, teaching and photography. If you like her sound please subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

PRESS KIT: LAB AKA Lyon Amor Brave (Abstract Hip-hop, Urban Techno)

Abstract Hip Hop is a style of Hip Hop which eschews many of the genre's conventions. It has become a fixture of the underground hip hop scene since the early 2000s. Lyrically, artists tend to focus on more abstract ideas such as existentialism or social institutions rather than everyday problems or braggadocio. The language and presentation of these lyrics also tends to avoid the more upfront, visceral language of typical hip hop, instead preferring extensive metaphors and symbolic word choice. Many artists tend to deviate from the typical conventions of rhyme and rhythm, often employing flows that border on Spoken Word. Musically, most abstract artists also feature unconventional beats that are akin in style to that of Experimental Hip Hop

Experimental Hip Hop is a style of Hip Hop music that refers to the experimental use of eccentric hip hop elements (usually including but not limited to abstract lyrics) in ways unconventional and considered unsuitable for traditional Hip Hop music. While Abstract Hip Hop and Experimental Hip Hop are sometimes used interchangeably, Abstract Hip Hop differs from Experimental Hip Hop in that the former refers directly to Hip Hop music with abstract lyrical content, while Experimental Hip Hop is an umbrella term for Hip Hop music that embodies elements of the genre that fall outside the constraints of convention. Experimental Hip Hop is usually electronically produced and sometimes incorporates elements of other sub-genres such as Turntablism or Plunderphonics

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