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We all want to be rich and famous, but these things require more than desire to obtain they require skill and talent, genius ideas, charisma, beauty, privilege, intelligence. 

I cannot tell you how many people I have met who have said they want to be rich, but they do not have even one idea how to make big money, or what about the person who thinks she could easily do what Julia Roberts does, but doesn't have that big Hollywood smile or any experience in acting. fc254195.jpg

Guess what Hollywood, is traditionally a place for the very gorgeous and though a few fat and funny people break in they break in for their talent and charisma. 

Guess what, if you do not even have a single business proposal in mind when talking about becoming rich, you are just talking and talk is cheap. You are likely going to be living pay check to pay check like the majority.

You might of had positive and optimistic parents who told you could do anything, grow up to be president or an astronaut, well they lied. 

You are limited to what you can do by your natural talents, looks, gender, social and economic situation. 

The world is racists and sexists and these things do limit your opportunities and make you very vulnerable and likely to become a statistic. Like if you are woman you will likely hashtag #metoo and if you are a black male your odds of seeing the inside of a jail are very high. 

I am not trying to paint a bleak picture, I am just trying to acknowledge certain realities about life that might make it easier to navigate. 

See, if you can realize your odds are not very good, but life is a gamble, maybe you can at least make an informed decision about which game to gamble on at the casino. The slots might be your thing.

Life is a gamble. The truth is the odds were never in your favor, but if you can accept that maybe you can practice your poker face and realize to be a skilled gambler requires risk assessment and skill like everything else. Gambling is not about luck. It's about playing to begin with and you are playing a game designed for you to lose, but set up in a way to make you feel like you might win.

Now, you have systematic and societal limitations placed on you in all countries, but of course freedom is greater and lesser in many countries. 

There are many countries where you have a good chance for economic success as a woman. There are many countries you had no real chance if you were born a woman for economic success no matter what you did or how you molded yourself. 

We are limited by the country, city and family we are born into and we are limited by our own genetics and IQ.

Some people are just not smart enough to become doctors and trust me you would not want them operating on you.

Some people are just not athletic enough to become basketball players.

Some people are just not beautiful enough to become models and the list goes on......

Some people will likely die at the mercy of the harsh conditions they were born into and though there are good people in the world who care, you will probably never be on their radar, so no my friend, Julia Roberts is not just going to step foot off the red carpet and come give you a helping hand in life. 

You see successful people usually deserve their success, we just think it's unfair because life isn't fair.

The first step you can take towards making progress in your life is be realistic about your expectations. Don't let you ego give you delusions of grandeur and be honest about your prospects of becoming famous in New York or LA before running off to become rich and famous because that is how a lot of people become homeless in these cities.

Honestly, just the other week I saw a 16 your old girl talking about running off to new York and starting a music career and their was this whole audience of delusional people telling her to do it and follow her heart and her dreams. 

These were the facts, the girl was below average in looks. She had no charisma and she certainly did not have the confidence necessary for a place like New York. Following her heart would have probably landed her in a sex trafficking ring due to the reality of survival and paying rent and the girl's nativity would have left her vulnerable to predators, not to mention she is just not a star or talented.

The harsh reality is you are likely average and not significant, so you likely should down size your dreams. 

The first step to being successful in life is you have to access situations and yourself realistically. If you are not sure what you are capable of assume you are average at best. If you have a burning desire in your soul to do something, nobody is stopping you either. Take the gamble, just know you had an incredibly high chance of losing anyway if it did not workout, but hey a very few people do walk away with millions. 

 There are games were your odds are 50/50 1/10 and 1/999,999,999

In most cases you should take the safer bet because you are likely very average and life already has a lot of risk involved. People who tell you to follow your dreams are sending the average person on a suicide mission to be honest. 

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #3

Lyon Brave "Brave Lyon" I endeavor to encourage you … the same way I try to encourage my son (the two of you share many similar thoughts) The world is changing at an accelerated pace … that “change” is (in my human-opinion) is not necessarily “good” … and it is more spiritual that physical The “prince of this world” who is the “god of this age” … meaning Satan ... is washing the world in his poison and has blinded people to truth … or even desire for truth. The Source & Standard of Truth is GOD (about which I am writing & will soon post) Again: The ability to "blossom" lies within you Truly … I see you as one “rich with possibilities” … your writing reflects your potential and strong spirit

Lyon Brave

1 year ago #2

Fay Vietmeier You are a very heart felt woman and I appreciate how you relate everything you say back to god. I appreciate your efforts, your words, your encouragement.

Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #1

Lyon Brave Oh Brave Lyon~ I see you as one “rich with possibilities” I have, at times tries to bring balance & reason to my sagacious & entrepreneurial son with these words: “Opportunity is everywhere” “Challenges are everywhere” “Wisdom is required” I do agree with you that the ability to honesty self-assess is most essential Many people live in “La La Land” or as my friend from Bulgaria says “their head is in the clouds” so absolutely … it is essential to “be realistic” “Life is not fair” … but then neither is Grace Assuredly we are limited by our physical environment ... life resources (which include family-friends) & level of consciousness and our IQ-EQ-CQ (I will be writing about this) However: the ability to "blossom" lies with you Your title caught my eye because I often find myself saying “people think way too much of themselves” … this is mainly in response to the prevalent mindset of “self” (a blinding mindset in many ways) Humility is a most wonderful quality … and will gain much more than pride I encourage my son to seek the Highest Counsel: As Creator: God knows us better than we know ourselves … and He can see the days ahead … we can not God is available 24/7 … He never sleeps or slumbers & to all who seek His wisdom: He graciously gives

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