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Is The Key to Success Boredom? -成功的秘诀英语作文 (Lyon Amor Brave)

Is The Key to Success Boredom? -成功的秘诀英语作文 (Lyon Amor Brave)

The irony of success is people strive for success because of the entertainment and excitement they think it will bring them. Everyone wants the rewards of a lifetime of work, but nobody wants to put in a lifetime of work.

People relate success with luxury, fast sport cars and A List celebritites, who are welcomed anywhere at anytime, but true success is not entertainment or walking the red carpet in a $20,000 gown.

Those are just Hollywood stories and we need to stop holding them up as the marker for success and get moe realistic goals about success, so we can have a sensible and pactical idea about what can be achieved.

True success is living a well balanced life.

Lyon Amor Brave

Often when we think of success, we only think of money, but a rich person with no friends and no health, is not truly succesful.

Money is only one piece of the success puzzle.

In order to be succesful we need to master several areas in our lives. We need to be succesful in our friendships, family relationships and our love lives. We need to be succesful in our careers and financies, and most importantly we need to be succesful in our physical and mental health.

An unhealthy life is not a happy one!

Lyon Amor Brave
Success is not just buying a big house, or landing a deam job, or being popular, or getting lots of dates. These are benefits of success sure, but success is living a balanced life.

Balance is achieved through boredom.
Lyon Amor Brave

People do not like to hear this, because they want the excitement and the wild nights out, but getting a sexy body is boring. Skipping the extra drinks and fast food, going to the gym everyday and hitting the weights, gets boring.
The taste of carrots is boring. Doing 100 setups for every 100 caloies you eat is boring.

The bottom line is success is discipline and discipline gets boring.

Success in anything requiers repetition, even a succesful mariage requiers repeating things day-in and day-out.

Before you die, you will have said, "Honey how are you?" so many tiimes the sentence will become nauseating.

Maybe pancakes are a favorite breakfeast food in your house and you will literally cook them 3000, times for your family in  your lifetime.

Having a long-term and happy marriage requiers being able to handle periods of boredom. Being able to handle a business, family, or dog requiers being responsible and being responsible is not always the most exciting thing.

Contrary to popular belief, to be succesful means saying NO, to many of our temptations.

Temptations are pleasuers that are of a temporary nature.

For instance, cheating on your wife wife with an actual super-model is very tempting, but an unwise actionThe reality is if you do cheat with the model you will be damaging your marriage for a lifetime, for a single not of fun.

Something else that should be mentioned is the sustainability of success. If success is lost as quickly as it was earned due to reckless behavior, what is the point.

Nothing can be maintained without maintenance and maintenance is boring.

The good news is...being bored is actually a blessing because it means we are safe, not in danger, have our baisc needs taken care of and are able to grow, reflect and study.

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Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

This looks like me in the morning before coffee Ali.

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