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New Year's Eve is one of the funnest Holidays of the year. There is no financial pressure of buying your distant relatives presents and no big obligations to spend 6 hours trying to cook a turkey or a ham. This means we have enough time to get liquored up and kiss people when the ball drops. Not only is New Years a joyous way to say we made it through the holidays and celebrate the closing of another year, but it's a great way to start off the NEW YEAR with determination and purpose.

The New Year lights a fire under people who needed the slightest nudge to be motivated to change. We could change our ways at any moment, but we often wait to the end of the year to swear on our mother's grave we will quit smoking or lose weight. There is something about the New Year that gets us determined to make this year the best one yet. Perhaps, it's because we are older and wiser. Perhaps, it is because last year was like watching someone light your life savings on fire, but this year we promise our selves, our friends, and our dearest loved ones over champagne we are going to be better people and a bit richer, while we are at it. WHAT DOES THE NEW YEAR MEAN TO YOU! ? ! by Lyon Brave

Yes, I like the rejuvenating quality of the New Year. For some reason, starting a new calendar cycle seems to give us permission to forgive ourselves for all the foolish things we did in 2017. I did my share of humiliating maneuvers, but I also did some really cool Bucket List type stuff, like I went to Cambodia and China. I even got to to fly back to the United States for Christmas and spend it with my birth family. 

I even went through tough times in 2017 and survived a great fall and danced a little along the way. 

My heights and lows include going to Shanghai and receiving a number of free tickets and then meeting up with some old friends in Cambodia who I was really worried about. I mean I was so worried about these people I couldn't sleep or eat and when I realized they where fine and recovering from a fall just like I was that was like the third time the year was teaching me one very important lesson, STOP TRYING TO BE A HERO. I tried to be a hero in the Navy at the start of 2017 and it didn't work out. By the end of the year I had someone trying to save me and it didn't work out because I don't like playing the damsel in distress and it's a lot worse to to see a lion in distress than a bunny.23412648.jpg

I guess I am subconsciously giving you reasons to follow me on beBee in 2018. 

Anyways, I am learning I can't play the victim or the hero because there is no balance in that. I have been both of these things and they are very closely related. When I save someone it's almost like i trade places with them, like I am Bell in Beauty in the Beast saying, "don't take my father take me". To stop being a victim for me means to stop being a hero. 

Currently, I am not in a position to help other people and I only need to look after myself in 2018. My situation is not better or worse than it was in 2017. Financially and materialistically, it's about the same.I didn't really make financial gains this year because all my money was spent on bus tickets and plane tickets. 

However, I have permission to be selfish and greedy in 2018 because I should have been more concerned about my own well being my entire life and that is the lesson it took me almost my entire life to really learn, stop worrying about strangers, poor people, screw up family members, and friends. Yes, be generous if you are comfortable, but I have never been financially comfortable so I should not have been giving my hard earned cash away to other people.Some people need to learn to be generous and share, but other people need to learn to be selfish and stop sharing.

Resources are limited and at this point in my life all my money needs to be invested in myself and not other people and I am grateful I came to that knowledge, that a poor man cannot help a poor man. I am not yet rich yet. For that reason my Wallet is officially, closed. 

My New Year's Resolution is to worry about myself and  focus on myself.

Actually, this New Year my little brother whom I have not seen in a very long time kissed me on the cheek. That was the real delight of my year. I got to spend time with my birth family for better or worse. 


Anyways share your new year's resolutions and let's here the best part of your year!

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Lyon Brave, you've got spunk, my friend. Keep it up and you'll be fine. Best wishes and much success for 2018.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #1

I would say it is stop trying to LOOK like a hero which is important :-) Honest write up I like it :-)

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