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Is The Past Ruining Your Life? Emancipate Yourself From Your Past!!

Is The Past Ruining Your Life? Emancipate Yourself From Your Past!!


"Emancipate yourself form your past.The only way to move forward is to stop looking back." - Lyon Amor Brave

The problem with being hurt by another is it causes many people to close themselves off for long periods of time, if not their whole lives.  The problem with being hurt by another is it causes many people to close themselves off for long periods of time, if not their whole lives. When a person is hurt it causes a great amount of dysfunction in their present and future life. 

Being rejected by a boyfriend or a father early in life can create dysfunction in a number or romantic relationships. Depending on the damage done in a previous romantic relationship, one might swear of love all together. 

You will be surprised that what is holding most people back in life is the tiniest forgotten memory. Getting lost at a theme park when they were 9 can be the very reason they are afraid to explore and try new things.  Getting shamed by their matter can be why they never enjoy sex or success.

I know people who still claim life is meaningless and they want to put a bullet in their brain because their dad died 18 years ago. At some point you got to stop using the past as your excuse to live a miserable life and bitch and complain.

Sadly, many of us let our negative past experience control out present and future lives. 

Being rejected by a boyfriend or a father early in life can create dysfunction in a number or romantic relationships. Depending on the damage done in a previous romantic relationship, one might swear of love all together. 

You will be surprised that what is holding most people back in life in the tiniest forgotten memory. Getting lost at a theme park when you were 9 can be the very reason you are afraid to explore and try new things. 

Sadly, many of us let our negative past experience control out present and future lives. 

This article is not a magic cure for your wounds and psychological trauma. We are sorry your mother forced you to shower with your sisters to save water. All families and people have their secrets. All I can do to help you live a more meaningful life now, is give you some quick and fast advice on how to let go of the past and enjoy the present. 

This article is not a magic cure for your wounds and psychological trauma of your mother forcing you to shower with your sisters to save water. All families and people have their secrets. All I can do to help you live a more meaningful life now, is give you some quick and fast advice on how to let go of the past and enjoy the present. 


Nobody has time for your tears. It does not matter how many times you were told you were worthless or if you slept in a homeless shelters with a cat named Bob for three years, nobody cares.  Stop crying. You are an adult. We all have baggage that is likely uglier than yours. So why can other people who have been through way worse shit function. It's because they caught on quick that nobody cared about their tears.


In fact, the more you care about your past and the need to share it with people, the less they care about you. People do not care about your history. They care about your present. If  in your present you are doing pretty good do not scare them off by telling them uncomfortable and tragic stories from the past.  The point of life is to make it better, so when life gets better why would you volunteer to drag someone back to hell with you. It's really not a good idea to announce your rape stories even if they are true or your financial troubles. Do not highlight the bad times in life unless someone is asking you and even then, I would keep vague and short.


It can be a little hard to tell your family and loved ones to fuck off, but sometimes that is exactly what you have to do to lead a better life. If you are gay and your mother say you will burn in hell, fuck her. The same if your family cannot accept your husband because he is black. People are not created equal.Some people are drug addicts. Some people are idiots. Some people are racists or alcoholics. You do not have to be around people who are bad for you. If the people in your life bad mouth you, they are not worth keeping in your life. Only people who are loving an positive towards you deserve room. Life is short, don\t spend with assholes.


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