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GHOST OF BANGLADESH by (Lyon Amor Brave)

GHOST OF BANGLADESH by (Lyon Amor Brave)

With Halloween coming up NOW is the a great time to ask WHAT IS A GHOST??

ONE DEFINITION OF A GHOST is: an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image with unfinished business. 

In present day, living dead walk among Bangladesh. In the youth you can see it in ways that seem modern like protesting for safer roads and better working conditions, but their battle cries are not really about safer conditions. It's about not wanting to feel like they are powerless and trapped to a world that does not see them as living. Their motivations for protesting where the same as the haunted, to have some sort of redemption for a life wasted, slaughtered, abused, or ridiculed and driven to suicide.  They were sparked by the deaths of two high-school students in Dhaka struck by a bus operated by an unlicensed driver who was racing to collect passengers.


A series of public protests in Bangladesh advocating improved road safety were held from 29 July to 8 August 2018.The demonstrations rapidly spread throughout Bangladesh.The protests were peaceful until 4 August, when police attempted to disperse the demonstrators with tear gas and people believed to be members of a pro-government youth league attacked protesters and journalists.[4][5] The government arrested several protesters and a photographer for giving an interview about the protests to international media.[6][7] Various international organisations and high-profile figures expressed solidarity with the protesters.[8][9][10] The crack-down on the student protesters received high criticism both domestically and internationally.[11][12][13] 

The third Sheikh Hasina Cabinet approved on 6 August a draft traffic act stipulating capital punishment for intentional killing and a maximum five-year prison sentence for accidental killing with a motor vehicle.[14] 

The protesters felt that the maximum five-year sentence was too light for accidental deaths due to reckless driving. 

The protesters where haunted and seeking justice and protection for their own lives.


The living dead is everywhere in Bangladesh and Bangladesh needs to do a lot to put their souls to rest, like improve overall living conditions and infrastructure and serve justice to those abused.  Many people are living in cramped, dangerous buildings and slums across the capital of Bangladesh. A good opportunity is considered diving in SHIT to clear blockage out of swearers for 10 USD because alternative options for many of the locals are even bleaker. Dozens of sewer cleaners dies each year doing this job, with no protection or regard to their lives or families. 

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh refer to the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar living in Bangladesh. As of December 2017, an estimated 655,000 to 700,000 Rohingya people have fled toBangladesh since 25 August 2017, to avoid ethnic and religious persecution by Myanmar's security forces.

Bangladesh is haunted. In Bengali culture, ghost are a fact of life. If I wanted to buy into Bangladesh folklore, i could say I arrived in Dhaka on October 1st, due to a ghost beckoning me to come there pretending to be a recruiter for an international Canadian school. We could say this recruiter or ghosts  name is Kanabhulo according to Bengali culture because his victim is usually a lone traveler who has been drawn into an unknown location only to disappear.  

  • Kanabhulo: This is a ghost which hypnotizes a person, and takes him to some unknown location. The victim, instead of going into his destination, goes to another place which is silent and eerie. After that the victim loses his sense. These types of ghosts strike at night. Lone travelers, or a person separated from his group becomes the victim of such ghosts.
A lot of people warned me not to come to Dhaka, from my brother, to my beBee friends, to myself, but Kabanhulo drew me to his unknown location though I trembled in fear before I arrived.  

My trip to Dhaka was full of bad omens. Arrived at 4: 00 AM in the morning and that night as I slept covered in dusty sheets, I dreamed of a man hanging outside my window. Now dreaming of a hanging man can represent loss, depression, but it can also represent that someone will betray you to the point of ruin.  

 In Bangladesh hanging and ingestion of insecticides are the most common methods of suicide.8 According to statistics provided by the Police Headquarters the suicide rate in Bangladesh is on the rise as over 10,000 people commit suicide every year. The statistics show that 73,389 people committed suicide in seven years from 2002 to 2009. Of them, 31,857 hanged themselves and 41,532 hadAuthor in Source Title

Suicide is a public health problem too often neglected by researchers, health policymakers and the medical profession.10,11 In our study most of the suicidal hanging cases were found in age group of 21-30 years. These are the most active years and an individual has to face various sorts of struggle of life with emotional, financial, familial or other crises. This is my age group. It was almost like Kabanhulo was hoping I killed myself, but their were plenty of treacherous traps he planted around me  if i did not succumb to the depression my isolation in Dhaka left me with. 


The apartment  Kabanhulo brought me to was dirty and depressing.  

I left the airport in Phnom Penh on Septermber 31st, 2018. I had a layover in Malaysia for 8 hours and then the plane got delayed. Malaysia had a peaceful energy and I was tempted to ditch my flight that Kabanhulo booked all together. The energy pulling me to Dhaka was dreary and forboden and I am not really sure why i went, when we have popular expressions like, CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT

After my layover, my flight was delayed for three more hours. The universe gave me every opportunity to change course and not board that plane to DHAKA.  While waiting on the plane a cockroach startled me. In all my travels I never had a cockroach cross my path at an airport, so I interpreted this as an omen for what was to come. Cockroaches are known widely as a symbol of uncleanliness. If you have cockroaches in your home, it is considered a dirty and infested place to live. The cockroach was warning me about the unsanitary conditions that would come to come to me, the danger I would be in, but that I have the strength and resilience to survive and slip out under the door before being burned in a fire. 

 To be honest I am the living dead haunted by  Kanabhulo, while I am in Dhaka. Since my arrival my mind has not been able to rest. I have cried for the  29 people who were killed during the Holy Artisan Attack, and I cried for the life of  Xulhaz Mannan who was murdered, 25 April 2016 by Islamic extremists. If Xulhaz ghost could talk he might say,  we were hacked to death in my apartment in Dhaka, Bangladesh's capital. Six men entered the apartment with machetes and committed the murders.

Kanabhulo looks for lone travelers to kill who lost their way or where separated from their group. I am lucky to have found friends in Dhaka. Their friendship gave me an aura of protection from Kanabhulo. 

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