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About me:

Organized, collaborative, and highly skilled iOS developer with 9+ years of professional experience with building and maintaining complex mobile apps on IOS in dynamic and deadline-driven work environments. Developed 5 iOS apps that were downloaded over 1800 times in previous roles.


Proficient in Objective.
Solid knowledge of Swift and Flutter such as: upgrading flutter SDK, flutter related compression, plugin Lacy, etc.
Ability to use shell, Python, Ruby and apply them to duplicate IPA.
Building an automated coding platform named Jenkins which supports replacement of released product: icon, launch Image, etc. Jenkins also has the function of one-click IPA package. A patent application for it has been granted.
Building the project with one-click framework so that the code can be easily transferred to other applications through pods.
Ability to organize and structure UI elements so that each file can run separately.
Optimizing and downsizing installation package through compressing or removing useless recourses, modifying coding, downsizing codes through second-party or third-party SDK, etc.
Ability to translate business requirements into technical requirements .
Ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies and methodologies.
Ability to manage the projects, minimize the risks and solve bottleneck problems.
Ability to work well in a team


Chang Zhi University

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