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You deserve

more silly —

My butt over-thinking all day.


My conclusions:

I deserve more silly.

I deserve to be paid market value!

I deserve high pay馃

I deserve for my own needs to be a priority to me, not the needs of others.

I desrve for my culture and ethnicity to be respected and not insulted or attacked.馃

People deserve to appreciate my curly hair because it is awesome.聽

Why did you want to hire a forignor if your want me to hide who I am ???馃


I deserve a job i like and where people like me and are not judging me or bullying me.鉂わ笍 馃憤.

I deserve a bed you can get a good nights sleep in.

I deserve wifi because wifi is the same as air and food in this generation.

I deserve more silly much more...

I desrve enough money to get an Apple computer ASAP, so i can work on my own projects.

I deserve to get paid for my projects because i do not have enough time to get rich.

I deserve to see my family more.

I deserve to laugh with real friends more who accept me for who i am and love me, instead of being used by fake friends.

I deserve a really sexy lover.


I deserve a nice house, money in the bank and the ability to travel where ever i want.

I hope my lover understands my need for freedom and money.

I deserve more silly.

If you are lucky maybe you deserve me.


聽I was working very hard in Tangshan China, maybe too hard.聽

An opportunity came up where i had to decide to stay or leave. Because of fear of the unknown, i almost stayed in a situation that was not helping me to gain control of my life at all.

聽Make no mistake, I am an immigrant in China and that means people take advantage of my situatiin and prey on me just like the immigrants back home in America.聽

If the company did not perrsonally send someone to get me and escort me to the airport I do not think I would have left on my own.聽

Leaving has improved my living and financial situation overnight. Even my friendship circle has expanded. It Is almost like the universe could not stand to see me being taken advantage of because I really did not seek out this new opportunity.

They yanked me out of a bad situation and brought me to a new one.

For full details of the story be on the look out for the move to Guiyang from Tangshan

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Brave Lyon you are extremely talented, Yes, you deserve it all. You Will make it happen. Watch yourself rising!

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #1

Lyon, Sounds like you deserved break. Sometimes good things happen unexpectedly. And so it goes.

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