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Would Steve Harvey Make A Better President Than Donald Trump

Would Steve Harvey Make A Better President Than Donald Trump

In America we have had some questionable presidents, including our most recent president Donald Trump. We have also had remarkable presidents who inspired and uplifted the nation like Teddy Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.

 I think it's fair to say bad presidents tend to be in the race for the glory, personal gain, the power and the celebrity that comes with being president, while exceptional candidates tend to be in the race to for progress of justice, equality, and civil rights. 

Good leaders inspire and want to see the world and people improve. With that being said, Steve Harvey has certain qualities that would make him an ideal candidate for presidency.  We know how Steve Harvey conducts himself in the limelight compared to how Donald Trump conducts himself in the limelight.  Donald Trump spends his time objectifying Miss Universe Contestants, firing people, and insulting the general public. 

On the other hand, Steve Harvey is usually found making people laugh and bringing out people's dreams and talents. He has been the host of many family friendly shows including the Steve Harvey Show,Family Feud and Little Big Shots

Now in this life, you can choose to be cruel or you can choose to be kind, but the choice speaks volumes about our charterer. Donald Trump has always to handle people with cruelty and kindness and witnessed very clearly from his days on The Apprentice, but we still voted him in as president. I think the decision America made means, are general population leans towards treating others with cruelty instead of compassion like Steve Harvey.

 With that being said, Steve Harvey,  is usually not found criticizing or hurting the general public for entertainment purposes. Steve Harvey, has the freedom to say anything he wants as a comedian, but he chooses to keep his remarks clean. This choice speaks volumes about his charterer.  He is not the type of man to belittle people. 

In January 2017, Steve Harvey made a joke about Asian Men not being attractive. In regards to dating them he said,"No, thank you." He went on to add, "I don’t even like Chinese food." His joke was met with hurt feelings by the Asian community so he issued a humble apology. 

This is significant because our current president has offended pretty much every person on earth with his outlandish and crude remarks and he is certainly not apologetic for the things he says, because he is in fact a bigot and a sexist and a pig, not a comedian like Steve Harvey.Read Trumps Remarks About Women Here

Now, another hallmark of a good person is their generosity. A person who never gives back to their community is not worthy of leading it. Though Donald Trump has claimed to have given millions in charity, there seems to be no significant proof of this.  

According to the New Yorker, "back in April, Fahrenthold and Rosalind S. Helderman reported that they couldn’t find a single cash donation to charity that Trump personally had made over the previous five years. Back in April, Fahrenthold and Rosalind S. Helderman reported that they couldn’t find a single cash donation to charity that Trump personally had made over the previous five years." READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

On the other hand Steve Harvey started his own foundation called 'The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation'.  According to Steve Harvey, the goal of the foundation, "is to ensure that the needs of the whole child are met through the development of programs and support of community-based organizations that foster excellence in the areas of health, education and social well-being within urban and ethnically diverse communities."

Steve Harvey has already taken initiative to work on the issues we care about as individuals and families. Steve Harvey's foundation also promotes positive self image for girls. via educational achievement, cultural enrichment and mentoring, where as Donald Trump is none to dismiss women based on their beauty and not their intelligence. 

In the past election, Americans rationalized their vote for Donald Trump with imbecilic thinking. The vast majorities of America neglected a rich man is alienated from the common man's needs. Donald Trump has never been poor, black or female. He has always had affluence, which has given him the ability to get away with being an awful person his whole life. 

Many people voted for Trump simply because he was a billionaire and they thought his ability to make money was going to make the whole country wealthy. They neglected the fact, that Donald Trump never needed to be president to help out the poor. Things weren't going to be different for the poor because a billionaire became president.  This was the idiotic  thinking going around in American society that led to his inauguration. Because Donald Trump was born into wealthy we can't actually say he knows how to make money. We can say he got lucky. 

Steve Harvey is a self made man. He was even homeless for three years in the 80's. Steve Harvey wasn't handed a silver spoon and he became a millionaire off of his own talents and not his fathers money. Steve Harvey knows what it is like to be poor and he knows what it is like to be black and that gives him an empathy and an understanding of the biggest issues facing America. 

It's not fair to say if Donald Trump can be President than Steve Harvey can be president, because Donald Trump sets the bar low. It is fair to say if Steve Harvey were president the bar would be set a lot higher. 

What do you guys think? Who should be the next president?

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Paul Walters

4 years ago #1

Lyon Brave I think anybody would make a better president than Donald Trump !

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