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Why the red flashing LED indicator light sudden flash?

In daily life, indicators play a role of information interaction, generally through a variety of light color to express different signals. Flashing lights are flashing in the same color to convey information, complete information interaction. Like some stage lights, strobe lights, sound equipment and so on. The blinking time of the device can be set. At the same interval, the LED keeps blinking, which can also be called breath light, which is a common way of information interaction.

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The reasons of sudden flashing can be classified into four categories.

1、Voltage instability
Normally, the light don’t flash when it is turned off. If it flickers, it could be due to an unstable voltage situation. In the use of lights, if the indoor capacity is relatively low, such as more electrical appliances, then it will cause voltage instability, may be turned off when the CFL flashing.

2、Power source 
If the socket is loose, so you need to take it off, and then plug it back in, so that will avoid flashing. In many cases, it’s all flickering due to loosing. After reprocessing again, it can be used directly, there will be no flashing situation.

3、The switch used to control lamp with indicator light
Because this “capacitive character” indicator light is constantly charged and discharged, bring about fluorescent lamp flashing, when it comes to this kind of situation, please remove switch and indicator light, it will be ok.

4、The switch is set on the zero line, caused by electrification of lamp body
Switch is set on zero line, the lamp body, switch and zero line become”capacitor”. Because this kind “capacitor” charge-discharge phenomenon, keep the fluorescent lamp flashing at night. In this case, change the zero and fire lines, just use the switch to control the live wire.

Equipment failure Equipment operation Charging device

        For different equipment, flashing LED indicator light means different things.

1、Normally, the red light of the device is constantly flashing, which is likely to be the fault of the device. As the indicator light of information interaction, it is constantly flashing to convey the fault signal.

2、For some devices, flashing LED indicator light means that the device is running normally, and flashing red light means that the device is working.

3、When the power of some charging device is low, the device will constantly flash red to remind us that it is time to charge the device.

Flashing LED indicator light is used on different equipment, which expresses different meanings. Therefore, before use it, you can read the instructions for the operation of the equipment carefully.

When you have questions , please call to consult and solve the problem in time.


The 8mm red flashing LED indicator light had passed the certifications of UL, VDE, CE, ISO90001, which can ensure the product’s quality. Filn also produces more than 1000 kinds of indicator light. If you have any questions or you want to customize indicator light, please contact with us at inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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