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Candice Galek is shark of the waters. She figured out how to be a major success story by capitalizing on what she knew, what she liked and who she knew and her business became so successful that she is in the position to hire me as a Brand Ambassador. 

In her own words Candice had this to say, 

There’s one thing for sure about the fashion industry – Leaders win. Bikini Luxe may be a young company, but it has Winner written all over it. Don’t be too surprised if this company becomes as much of a household name as its brands.


First, of all Candice Galek can afford it. If you don't know, Candice Galek was named one of Forbes Top 30 under 30 in 2016. This beach babe, turned fashion model, turned beach shark has some wealth to spread around because not only is she gorgeous and glamorous, she's a business woman. She runs her own company. She gives Ted Talks. She's an amazing woman, but i'm still in the position to do Candice a favor because i'm an amazing woman too. Matter of fact, i'm going to let Candice use my exclusive promo code to get a major discount off the bikini she is going to buy me.

So here Candice use my code to get 15% off my new bikini. Use my code BEACHBABE15 for 15% Off your order at! #bikiniluxe 

Second of all, Candice is buying it from herself so she really has nothing to lose and everything to gain, like a really cool employee named Lyon  Brave. What i lack in poise-I make up for in style. I have really big hair, which the fashion world loves and I have degree in design, which makes me useful. I can market and generate content. I'm becoming my own brand in some ways. Honestly,  you deserve an employee like me because i can do a bit of everything. If a model doesn't show up i can fill in even, but i would rather help you work on designs and promoting. ! I'm a little rough around the edges, but i can be cleaned up. What designer doesn't like a fixer-upper...8f198ac5.jpg


Also Candice if you buy one off of me, I will sell one to Ellen Degeneres NEXT with your help and her wife Portia. 


On a site called, Fierce Feminine Leadership, they had this to say about Candice, "It took less than 2 years for CEO and Founder of BikiniLuxe, Candice Galek to parlay her experience as a swimsuit model into a thriving multimillion dollar online swimwear business. What started as a tiny startup on her living room table in Miami Beach, FL is now a global powerhouse business with a team of 40 members worldwide and quarter million social media followers."  Read Full Article


As for the community of beBee if you would like to see me work for Candice Galek please   "Use my code BEACHBABE15 for 15% Off your order at! #bikiniluxe and if you think i would be a good fit for her company let her know in the comments.

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Lyon Brave

4 years ago #3

Deb \ud83d\udc1d Helfrich Thank you guys so much for the support :)!!!!!!!

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #2

Well this just might be brilliant Lyon Brave if Candice sees your buzz ;-) I want to meet Ellen if this all pans out .

David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #1

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Lyon. No risk, no reward. Thus, kudos on your effort.

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