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I am going to South Korea. It is a little ironic because originally I started applying to jobs in South Korea when the Coronavirus hit China. China was on red alert. It did not seem possible to go there. 

I personally have friends who have been off from work for over a month now in China. Flights were being canceled. Panic and fear were spreading. 


It did not seem possible to go back to China at the time, so I started the visa process for another country and then overnight South Korea got hit by the Coronavirus, which makes sense because South Korea and China are actually geographically very close. 

I could not have predicted an international pandemic!

Still, I am going to have to deal with it, just like the rest of the world

At first, when I heard about the virus spreading across South Korea, I thought I should cancel my trip. It was not that I was worried about getting sick, because the virus really does not seem any more deadly than the flu and mostly older people with underlying medical conditions ar dying from the virus. 

Young people have a very high chance of recovery. I would say 97%.

What worried me was not the virus, but the stigma, fear, the possibility of travel bans and being quarantined. It is hard to say if we have overreacted to this virus or not. It is hard to know if the media is just blowing it of proportion for good ratings. A conspiracy theorist could even consider that this virus was man-made to promote the sales of purell and dust masks. It is very hard to trust anything in this world, including our own judgment. 

With that being said, I desperately tried to talk my self out of going to South Korea, but I really do not have too much going on for me in the USA and I figured, being in South Korea right now could make for an interesting blog. I have ordered a camera so I can take my youtube channel more seriously in the coming months and document my adventures. If you would like to see first hand what is really going on with the Coronavirus overseas, please subscribe to me on youtube. This channel is about to get good because I am finally getting some professional equipment. 

If you want to help me on my journey you can also send small cash incentives to me on paypal @

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Paul Walters

1 year ago #2

Lyon Brave bon voyage

Interesting ideas for your youtube channel and I wish you safe adventures there.

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