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Video Interview Tips + An exclusive preview

Video Interview Tips

Introducing video interview technology built-in was a no brainer for Quimojo. It baffled me that none of the online recruitment giants offer video interview functionality on their portals.

But first off, here is an exclusive preview of our latest video to be launched next month once it leaves the editing room. The girl on the left is our brilliant marketing guru, and no she is not for hire. She will get awfully upset if you don’t like the video so be nice!

We introduced video interview as an efficient way for employers to get to know qualified candidates where a face-to-face interview may be logistically challenging. Depending upon the employer, the video interview might well be a prelude to a face-to-face interview at a later stage. It is an efficient method for the initial screening, and whereas in a face-to-face interview you are almost obliged to grant one hour for the interview, with video you can set the length at 15 minutes and extend if necessary. Video interviews are recorded and can be shared with co-workers. Our technology also allows for file sharing during the interview.

When conceptualizing our platform, we also considered giving candidates the option to upload or create video profiles. Eventually we decided against video profiles, as it is extremely hard to create a good one. Most people are just terrible on camera, so to be fair to all candidates, we trashed the idea early on. Video Interview on the other hand, is not that different from a face-to-face interview. In an increasing borderless job market, it just made sense to offer this function and enable efficient screening even over huge distances.

Video Interview Tips (also known as Common Sense)

Candidates should approach a video interview as they would for a real interview. 


Make sure that you are seated in a location where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the interview.

Be seated at a table or desk with your computer camera and monitor facing you.

Make sure your background environment is relatively plain and lighting sufficient.

Test your webcam and make sure that you are seated far enough away from the camera that at minimum, your head and shoulders are visible. 

Ensure that the camera is as close as possible to your monitor - a webcam enabled laptop is ideal.  If you are using a tablet or mobile, place it on a stand to avoid shake. Tilt it so it faces you at a 90 degree angle.

When talking, talk to the camera and not to the face on the screen.

When listening, by all means watch the face on the screen.

Be aware of the time-delay that may exist, especially if you and the interviewer are in different countries. This time-delay may require you to be patient and let a moment pass before you begin to answer. 


Dress appropriately. If you are interviewing for a position in finance or P.R. for example, dark suit with plain white shirt, top button opened or with a neck-tie. If you are interviewing for a position as a creative director, smart casual is often acceptable. Dress to match your counterpart.

Avoid garish colours. Male or female, regardless of industry, you cannot go wrong with a plain white shirt or blouse. Be sure your hair is neat and you are presentable. Remember that first impressions are extremely important when it comes to interviews.  


Mute your mobile phone.

Have a notepad and pen ready.

It is also acceptable and advisable to prepare a glass of water, which can be consumed during the interview. If you are nervous and in a situation where you need to talk for a prolonged period of time, you throat can dry up.  

If the employer is located in a different country, check up on the current exchange rate. If you are not too confident about your mental arithmetic skills, prepare a calculator. It is quite possible that you will discuss remuneration in their currency and it is usually acceptable to use a calculator to convert sums during the interview.

Make sure you are up to date on current affairs – watch the global news, read newspapers, and get up to speed on recent developments of your target industry.

If interviewing for a position abroad, do some research on the local requirements and processes for obtaining a proper working permit. In all likelihood, the employer may be familiar with the process and sponsor and process your visa application, but this is a topic that may well come up. 

Prepare and ask at least 3 good questions.

The Interview

Be at your station in front of your computer 20 minutes before the scheduled interview.

Again, test your webcam and make sure your computer sound and microphone are working. Check whether the technology platform you are conducting the interview on requires you to download a plugin.

Ensure optimal internet connectivity.

Once the interview starts, maintain a confident posture, with back straight and shoulders back. Keep your eyes from wondering. You should be looking directly at the screen or at the camera for the duration of the interview. 

Look and speak with confidence, and do not be afraid of smiling once in a while. Humour is a useful tool, and a quick humourous interjection near the beginning of the interview can often convey good character, but do not get carried away.

Raise a question about the company business to show you have been following the developments of the industry. It would be good to research beforehand the various business models of the market leaders in that particular industry and raise comparisons during your conversation. Feel free to ask about their business model and the particular challenges they face. 

Ask questions about daily working life in that company and the corporate culture. Asking about what sort of training you will receive will convey the message that you are keen on learning.

Dean Owen is Co-Founder of Quimojo, a revolutionary new concept in Global Campus Recruitment.

Search, Connect, Chat, & Video Interview candidates, all from within a single platform. 

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Dean Owen

5 years ago #3

Some brilliant additions Diane Schultz. It's funny how we walk into exams or interviews exhausted. At school I learned not to study the night before. Same applies for interviews.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #2

Thanks @Helen Young. Perhaps the whole world is camera shy? People do not like the way they look on camera, which is why Skype audio calls still dominate over Skype video calls.

Dean Owen

5 years ago #1

Don't bother reading the article if you don't have a video interview, but check out our new video. My marketing guru Ilaria would love to know how she did!

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