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TWO HIP-HOP ARTISTS ONE ROOF: A.I. Righteous & Lyon Brave (Family Album)

TWO HIP-HOP ARTISTS ONE ROOF: A.I. Righteous & Lyon Brave (Family Album)

We were just kids in this photo. Adam is the tall one in red AKA A.I Righteous.  I'm the one in the forefront of the picture wearing blue with my head down.We don't have too many pictures together. I never liked having my picture taken. Unfortunately, when i was a kid i would tear up photos i was in so they were extremely rare. Fun fact: 

We used to host talent competitions at the house to pass the time. We were a big Jackson 5 family.


Here's us many years later. This photo was taken in Virginia, when we were helping Dreamers United, fight for immigration rights. It was the first time we saw each other in years. Listen to A.I 's  song Cross the Boarders to get a sense of what we were fighting for. It's a great song for the foreigners and the Hispanic community at large to get behind. It's thematic and discusses the issues illegals face, but the song is very uplifting and soothing to listen to.

THE FAMILY GROWS. Growing up with a lot of kids was actually fun. It wasn't until we were older, everyone got weird and self involved. I don't know if a family as large as ours had any chance of remaining close, but maybe one day soon we will all be pulled back together and drop the bitterness. Overall, I think our family was resilient and cool. We didn't have a lot because there were so many of us, but we understand sharing is caring, which is smaller home and only children individuals certainly don't understand. We are a hive family for real.

Now you must listen to my brother A.I Righteous. He's my family  and one my favorite hip-hop artists. He is a real talent, so show him some love. 

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