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Turn Getting Scammed Into Gold.

Turn Getting Scammed Into Gold.friends send me $5
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The con artist gets very rich

How to avoid scams is a good questions in the 21st century because everyone is looking for get rich quick schemes even you. In fact, the reason you attract scams is because you are looking for fast money. My dad used to say money that arrives fast disappears fast. 

If they say the money can be made in a hurry than you got to worry because you are either doing something illegal or about to get screwed. There are a ton of con-artist out there waiting to take your money and give you nothing, but trust issues  in return and we will go over them in another article. For now, if you are someone who tends to get scammed repeatedly than this article is for you! Donate to Spread Brave

The biggest piece of advice people give when dealing with scams is if it is too good to be true it probably is. Usually, anything were you have to pay money upfront is a scam. If a company is legit they will usually give you their product to sell, not sell you the product for you to go sell. If you buy knives and then go sell them to turn a profit door to door with no help, why wouldn't you just do it on your own in the first place instead of reporting back to some small office and giving them the majority of the buck you just flipped. The answer is because you are not thinking and what you care about is stupid, you care about a false promotion. 

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Let me tell you something a lot of times a promotion just means you were dumb enough to stick around. Well, if it isn't your dream job I mean. If You hate your job I mean. If you only work there to pay the bills, I mean. Working for a company should be a bit romantic. We should get excited and a little aroused by our work.

So i second what i just said, a lot of times a promotions just means you were dumb enough to stick around. Who cares that you made manager at some remote store, but still make under 14.00 USD and hour. Promotions are especially lame in regards to doing the same job for the same pay and i have seen this happen too. I know a couple of places that literally, just call you a CSR3, which stands for customer service representative. 

The only difference between them and a CSR1 is if the boss has a problem with you, you get promoted first and than fired. Trust me if they want you gone, they will bump you all the way out within two weeks, it's not really a safety net worth sacrificing everything for, but so many people do, and that's because companies want the bottom dollar workers. They want people who are going to stick around and work hard for bottom dollar. 

248929a2.jpgAnyways, we are getting off track here: I once walked into one of those sleazy places where they were clearly preying on the desperation of the jobless. It was a very classic pyramid scam, they were trying to get us to buy a kit of knives and go sell them. I walked right out of that interview and told everyone it was a scam and about half the people walked out with me and the other half stayed desperate to have the illusion of a job. 


Listen if you are willing to buy the product first and bust your butt going door to door as a salesman trying to move your product, you got what it takes to be a millionaire, but you will never become a millionaire getting caught up in the mix of another con man's game. If you really don't mind showing up at strange hours, in strange neighborhoods on your own then sell your own product, advertise for your own company, but don't put in 200% for a con artist, which is what a lot of people do.

There are two choices in this world to make a top income.

1.) Run Your Own Business Independently!

2.)Align yourself with a really wonderful company you know is going to treat you right.

Finding a good career is like finding a good relationship, it takes courtship, work and effort. 

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