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The Ripple Effect of Cheating In Marriage by Lyon Amor Brave

The Ripple Effect of Cheating In Marriage by Lyon Amor BraveCHEATING

Is EASY...
uke sein FAITHFUL

We have to take responsibility for the moral characters of ourselves. To focus on lust and promiscuity over love and respect, shows an unwise, indulgent and selfish character. Men and women like these will make victims of themselves, their children and society. They will expect others to clean up their mess and sympathize with their stupidity and hedonistic tendencies, but we cannot sympathize with foolishness derived from hedonism and lust. It is a horrific choice to cheat on your significant other and not a mistake. Cheating is a choice and a barbaric choice at that when we are called to be gentlemen and ladies in our romances. There is nothing casual about sex and there is nothing casual about cheating and it is time we stop spreading these lies just because we invented condoms and birth control.

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We can only instruct cheaters to a better way of living in the future. A way that does not destroy someone's heart and potential to love another again.When you cheat on a person, you set expectations that other people are immoral and devalue the sanctity of marriage and love. When you cheat on a person, you don't only hurt the person you are in relationship with, you hurt the concept of love at large because it has a ripple effect that goes into the world and makes people afraid of being hurt. When you cheat on someone, you take a way their ability to trust and love freely for their whole life. When you cheat on someone it makes it a little harder for them to love me and someone else. that's a monsters thing to do to someone to make them afraid of love.
Some of the “Right” Reasons
for Getting Married

Love and companionship—the single greatest attraction
of marriage is continuous, intimate companionship
with an intimate partner.

Children—a very traditional reason for getting married.

Adult identity—you have finally “grown up”!

Commitment and personal fulfillment—an overwhelming
number of Americans (88%) say marriage should be
a life-long commitment.

Continuity and permanence—marriage promises

When you cheat on your spouse, you should feel great shame and remorse for a longtime, because you dishonored one of the most fundamental and sacred moral codes of human divinity. We are not here to pleasure ourselves. We are here to pleasure each other.No matter what Socrates’ student Aristippus thought, seeking pleasure is not the primary or most intrinsic good, especially if you are seeking pleasure alone to dim the pain of being alone. Pleasure seeking behavior leads to addictions. A man or a woman who cannot control themselves can never be truly free and a person who is not in control of themselves cannot be lover because a lover is divine and to be divine one most have a moral code of ethics to follow. 

There is a massive distinction between someone you have sex with and a lover. A lover is your soulmate, your wife, your world, your angel, your prayer. Someone you have sex with, you don't even need to like. There are many people who have found nothing but disguise through sexual encounters and this is because this act of sex was about the flesh and not the soul. You might even pay them for sex like a lot of horny tourist do. Having sex and making love are not to be confused.  You should not be so weak minded to confuse pleasure with love. Drinking alcohol all day can be pleasurable, so can sex, but I don't have tolerance for people who cheat on their wives or their husbands or their boyfriends or their girlfriends. Marriage is the foundation of society, family, and civilization. Furthermore, marriage is a gift and

90d8295c.jpg a privilege that should be highly coveted, respected and honoured and if there is a god this is a gift from god, and love making and sex are not the same thing and to spit on a gift from god is just about the worse thing you can do with life other than maybe murdering a person.

 It's weird to say, but i a have to put cheating in a similar category as murdering a person, because you are taking away someone's innocence, and trust, and you betray them to the point their world view becomes dark and dead. It's no longer light and full of love, but pain and sorrow. When you cheat on someone you make them sucpicious  of their future.  it's not about that instant of pleasure you feel when some blond babe strokes your cock. it's about the lifetime or pain and mistrust you leave your partner with. Not only do they mistrust, you but they live life mistrusting others and this is painful for them and their new lovers, and it's painful for me to see my potential wife-distrust me because of you, some stranger who couldn't keep his willy in his pants  and i don't know you, this person  who cheats, but you caused my new lover pain and you caused pain to me because she wants to shut me out and I have never met you, so please remember the ripple affect, that the actions you take matter. 

Honestly, marriage is a luxury if you weren't too arrogant and self absorbed to see how amazing it is to share the joys and sorrows of life with a forever partner. There a days you fight, so you learn to fight lovingly and you learn to let both sides be heard. There are days you are  poor, so you learn to be more economical. There are days where you are wrong and mean and cold, so you learn to apologize and to give some warmth. There are days you are important, and you let your partner know they are more important than awards, or raises, or the new hot chicks, because you wake up together and you know how they sound when they have sinus problems. You fight together. You get sick together. You watch together. You cloud each others minds together and you are in love when you stick a ferret in their ear and this is the best feeling you can have in the world when someone makes you a balloon animal.

In fact, i don't believe you can grow alone. The more time you spend alone the more disconnected you become from your self, your family and society at large. I think to grow, you truly need to be able to coexist, and build with another human,your baby. Living alone isn't worth living.My advice is find true love. The one you miss before they walk out the door. Don''t cheat. Honour and cherish your wife and husband. It''s not an absurd concept. It's a tradition as old and old wise as dirt. 

 Not everyone has the privilege and honor to get married. Spending your life alone can be a misery. It means you have no support, and no love to come home to after a bad day. Being single really has no virtue. Being single has loneliness, desires, and fantasy, but nothing of merit.  Humans are not meant to be single. We are meant to be interdependent and bonded and kissing each other, but we are in some weird dilemma in the 21st century where humans would rather be on their cell phones and watching Netflix than bonding with  a real person.

Finally, being single has no intrinsic value. I know a lot people don't want to hear this. They want to beilieve being single is the best option as an adult.  But it's financially stupid and emotionally stupid.A lucky person would have a suitable partner and SUITABLE IS THE KEY WORD.  Honestly, it's devastating to be single. Don't get me wrong, being single is better than being with the wrong person, but nobody truly wants to be alone, so when you say the single life is amazing, YOUR FULL OF SHIT.   It's a burden to be single because you have know one to split lives burdens with and the majority of your encounters are artificial and meaningless.

 Even worse you have nobody to share your victories with. When you are single you just spend your days praying for love and you just wait for the day to find love and waiting for the love of your life can feel like a limbo or hanging out in too many dark bars. It can make you crazy to be single because you need a family to function properly in society. Contrary to this new generations self imposed isolation, we are not meant to be alone and only interact through the internet.. It can even make you lose faith in yourself and purpose in this life,but i can tell your purpouse in this life is not to be alone. If their is one biological and scientific fact about humanity it is that we should be building a family and nothing else matters.72856074.jpg

If you want to have a child, how can you have a child without a partner. Honestly, is there a better feeling than laughing with someone you love, kissing someone you love. I certainly wouldn't rather buy or receive a shot at a bar from a stranger than curl up with my wife on a couch or discuss our favorite books, but I am old fashion soul, a purest and traditionalist. Sadly, infidelity has already ruined a number of suitable partners for me, so i guess I will likely be alone because of the distrust male infidelity has created for me.

You should be concerned about destroying your family for an act of lust that will be over in a fee minutes maybe seconds.

.It's an important union to enter into marriage with a compatible partner whom you can grow and share your life with. Sex and and having your willy stroked, should never be more valuable than your wives feelings, your relationship with your mother in  law or your children,  or even your own personal sense of ethics,yet so many people in this world have become cheaters and liars and dispensable people who know longer value their family unit and it's a disgrace to humanity at large. Finding your marriage partner, is one of the most important things you can do in your life. Marriage is not to be taken lightly and yet so many people shit on their marriage.

Dear Future Wife,

I love you. 

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Lyon Brave

Lyon Brave

2 years ago #5

Brian McKenzie Sorry you perceive women, love and marriage in such an awful lens.

Lyon Brave

Lyon Brave

2 years ago #4

Paul Walters Of coursse marriage is not embedded in your DNA, bneither is going to work or watching football. These are choices. Humans have the ability to think and act and cheating is a choice, not some cosmic force pullling two people together, but each to their own.

Paul Walters

Paul Walters

2 years ago #3

Lyon Brave Interesting piece Lyon and one that had me thinking all day. Cheating vs murder? Strong words!! I have been married since before the flood( That's Noah's flood!) Its a hard road, rewarding but hard...temptation looms around every corner and sometimes one becomes weak for a variety of reasons but relations CAN and DO survive these bumps in the road and hurt caused often makes for a stronger bond. I am in no way saying its right but monogamy ( in my humble opinion) is not embedded in our DNA

Jerry Fletcher

Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #2

Lyon, You have found your voice. Congrats.

Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #1

we don't do accountability really well and this is valid on many levels not just marriage unfortunately :-) :-(

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