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The Result of the Cat Calls

The Result of the Cat Callspe

Recently, i have been very closed off with people. At work a lot of people kind of dig me. I get hit on a lot. I get asked for my number a lot. There are two males there who say my name LYON so much that they are actually moaning it with an anguished lust.

Sometimes, i literally think what is going on here. Do they realize how obvious they are about wanting to fuck me at work 📢📢


I am not interested in getting to know them and its not just because it is a horny cat call boarding on sexual harassment in the work place, its because there is no point. I literally said this to a guy today who sat down and tried to hit on me and kept calling me anti-social because i did not want to engage him, "I am only here short-term. I am moving on to other things very soon. I have nothing to gain from you other than drama and I do not date guys who already have kids. He responded by telling me his baby's mamma is always ruining his relatiinships and then walked away.



Actually, I do not want to date this guy because his approach is so disrespectful that it feels like a dog trying to hump my leg. I hate that the majority of men look past my amazing personality, talent, intelligence and love for video games and beer and label me as a MUST FUCK instead of a person.  37160d1c.jpg

This creates extremely hurtful encounters were i am devalued as a human being. It is not okay to only talk to me in hopes of getting sex or dating me. How about talk to me because i am an interesting person. We need to kill this idea that men and women cannot be friends. It is the root of sexism and gender oppression and repression. It robs me of friends.68ba02e5.jpgThis is especially hurtful because i identify as lesbian. I have not dated a man in over 5 years. I am worthy of friendship and worth knowing and this is something men do not get, that you can be friends with women too. I like guy activities. I like boxing.

So what's happened as a result of the cat calls.I have learned to be a bitch. When men force you to smile and be polite, while they are literally saying disgusting things to you like they want to bone you, you have a right to tell them to dick off. You do not have to be polite and you do not have to treat them with respect when they are disrespecting you and talking about any part or a woman's body is disrespectdul, especially at work.

43355de9.jpgThis one guy said, " your legs are thick i like that. I wonder what your boobs are like. I have not seen them yet." He then tried that cuddle act on me. You know the come over to my house and just "cuddle." The guy I am talking about now lives in my building and when he saw me fighting with my roommates tried to prey on my vulnerabilities and bone me. It did not work because mamma didn't raise no fool.

a3f0bec5.jpg P.s. when men hit on me in the streets i am almost always scared shitless. Seriously boys work on your manners. There is a time and a place to court a woman. 

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