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The Last Thing Guys Find Sexy

The Last Thing Guys Find Sexy3 love is giving
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The last thing guys find sexy is a woman coming on too strong and talking about babies and marriage. This makes sense. Guys want to have a fun drama free sex life. 


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Unfortunately,, I am almost thirty, which means if you have not already casually hooked up with me at a wildly retarded frat party where a girl got her head shaved when she was passed out and dicks drawn on her face, you probably wont ever get the chance to casuallay cum on my stomach with no strings attached , not that i have ever been in such a scenario. 


I am in the phase of my life where I am looking for a husband and not a casual hookup. This is good and bad news because it means I am considering dating men again but only seriously. I will not just ride your big fat cock for pleasure. Often i wish i were a more frivolous and carefree woman but it is just not in my nature. 

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It is hard for me to express my self sexually when i do not know where my lovers body has been. It makes me worried about disease. My body is my temple and what not. I like the theory of open relationships, but not the practice.I have met women who are wild and have multiple lovers and can do this casual hooking up scene. Some seem sad and some seem free, so to each their own. 

I feel I should be enough to satisfiy my partner sexually And if i am not we probably do not belong together. I am more like a  penguin  i  guess. I want one mate to be devoted to through the fires and the heavens. I love deeply. I love a longtime. Anything else falls short of the gliry i deserve in romance. I deserve a devoted spousewho loves me to the moon And back.


For awhile I have been exclusively with women. It is easy being with women. We get big dicks that vibrate us to ecstasy and women all love to talk and cuddle endlessly. You always know where you stand with a woman because women are never casual about sex even when they are real freaks about it. You also don't have to worry about getting knocked up in a moment of passion. It is hard for me to have casual sex with a man because i am always worried about the natural outcome of sex, which is me fat and pregnant and in the kitchen.


For a long time i have identified as bisexual. Being bisexual is a smart choice if you are horny, not ready to commit or have children. Even if you want to just play with men it can be hard because everything about it is designed to get you pregnant. I KNOW there is birth control, but I have never been on them and i don't see myself getting on it now that my biology is making my body really want a baby. I am a woman. I want a baby with a man. 

Regarding bisexuality, I love women and it is possible i will partner with a woman and raise a child, but i would love the father of my child immensely more i feel and i kind of miss the physical prowless of a man. It is not often a woman is strong enough to lift you in the air and bang you standing. 

Men are strong and women are sweet.

So what have i learned dating.wom(en? 


I would take a partner who actually gives a shit about my feelings over hot sex any day and sex with women can be rather hot actually. The.most erotic experience for a woman might be to make another woman cum.A woman's moans are real sexy.


With that being said, women are emotional creatures and minor things can be turned into big dramas. It would be nice to have more balanced energy in a relationship. Not to stereotype but men are known to be a bit more level headed in romance and if going to throw a shoe at someones head i guess i it to be me and charged partner.

What do i miss about men dating women? 


Honestly, I miss traditional roles and gender roles. Deciding who is going to pay for dinner between two women can be awkward . I like knowing the man is going to pay and court me. I miss the romance of men. I feel shy and awkward around men. I blush and am a little submissive. I need time to open up to a man, which is what for. A man needs to win my affections through a dance because i do not trust him easy.


On the other hand women are very comfortable with other women. We have nothing to be shy about really. Lesbians are two women getting together sexually. Two women are friends way before lovers. This means women actually skip a lot of the courtship of dating because they feel comfortable right away. This means lesbians Netflix and chill right away instead of having a series of.magical dates. 

So are you straight?       


No. I am just ready to try men again body wants.a baby

Maybe at almost 30 it is not really about your gender for me. I just really need a partner who is enthusastic about starting a family and i am open to this person male or female. 


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