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Stop Dreaming+Get Planning= Start Living

Stop Dreaming+Get Planning= Start Living

There is a reason in almost every art form professors teach, they teach the art of planning. In literature you might learn to make an outline for your story or research paper. With art you learn to make thumbnail sketches and in music you compose.

Writing without direction is like living without direction. It is aimless. Yes, when you wander around you can make cool discoveries, but it is not a beneficent way to approach life or writing and it is certainly not a good idea to wing your business.  You could end up anywhere in the world, but not necessarily  a worthy destination if you have no idea where you are going. If you don't set goals, you will not reach them. 

FOOD 4 THOUGHT:  What is the point of ending up in Syria if your hearts desire has always been to go to Italy??

When I was younger, I loved to live spontaneous. If there were a detailed plan it seemed too tedious to follow. I almost quit college because I was sick of sitting in a classroom. As soon as i graduated i started traveling. 

First, I traveled America. When I got bored with America I started traveling Asia. Asia is pretty big, but I will get bored with it one day and head to Europe. I would like to see what Russian chicks are all about and meet the Ninja Turtles. 

Anyways, I used to think  going off your gut instinct and following intuition was the best way to get results. This meant I learned to play music intuitively as well as lived intuitively. If the Beatles didn’t need sheet music, neither did I. I wanted to be a rolling stone like Bob Dylan. 

Getting older and fatter, I am regretting living life without a plan.  I have actually managed to get farther from myself and not closer. These days I need an exercise plan and a plan to be more consistent in writing and everything I do, even seeing lovers. I need a plan to remember who I really am even. 

I never planned anything down to the last detail in my youth and that is why my biggest goals have remained illusive. People say talk is cheap. I say it is time to stop preaching and start reaching. The truth is we are more likely to reach our goals when we have a to do list then when we are free-styling it. I am a great freestyle artist, but it is time to come up with a real vision so I can execute my plan for success.


One thing I have learned from talking to young people is a lot of them want to work for themselves and of course become independently wealthy, but none of them have an idea how to start or execute a business. You can't start a business without a detailed business plan and that is the thing business majors still don't seem to get. You can't just say you want to make money. You got to know how exactly you are going to do it and you got to start small. 

It can be something like I am going to work this minimum wage job till i have enough to pay for a car. Once I have a car I am going to get the job at the factory that pays double. After working there for a year, I am going to buy a food truck. If my food truck does well, I will use it for promotion and to help finance a real restaurant in town. 

Your plan needs to be realistic so you can approach it. Nobody becomes a millionaire over night and honestly, even if you are wildly successful that goal might still just be too lofty.  Money is important but not the end game. You don't need to make an excessive amount of money to be happy or successful just enough to live out your dreams and do it your way.

I am pretty good at freestyles, but I have more confidence and satisfaction in my life and music when I have taken the time to compose a detailed plan. When I compose and structure a piece. of music or writing there is no denying the end result is vastly superior to something i improvised quickly. Do not improvise your business or your life. That is how you end up in the wrong career and town. 

 Learning to plan is the greatest gift you can give yourself and it is best to do this early. Ever wonder how that twenty something was already a doctor with a gorgeous wife, it's because he has been planning it since he was ten.  

If you want it to stop being a dream than make it a plan and get living.
Lyon Amor Brave from the Lyon Brave Method of Business

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