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Should Prostitution Be Legal: Sex Workers Need Rights! Human Rights!

Should Prostitution Be Legal: Sex Workers Need Rights! Human Rights!RESTRICTED PROSTITUTION





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Prostitution has been known as the worlds oldest profession since the beginning of time. Every country and every century has an active culture of prostitution, but it remains a taboo subject for many.

Majority of countries in Africa and Asia legally prohibit prostitution and any activities associated with it, including running of brothels and pimping.a)

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In America sex workers do business in every state, but only in Nevada is prostitution legalized. Of all the prostitution business in Nevada, only about 10% is legal, and 90% occurs in Las Vegas.

Despite there being a legal option, the vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally in Reno and Las Vegas About 66 times more money is spent by customers on illegal prostitution in Nevada than in the regulated brothels.

In a way, Nevada is losing money because of the ways it attempts to regulate sex workers. Under Nevada state law, any county with a population under 700,000, as of the last decennial census is allowed to license brothels if it so choose.This means the cities with larger populations are not allowed to have legal sex workers, which makes no sense, because of course the bigger the city the more demand there will be for sex.

   Prostitution in


Fact LET
In Canada LA CEES
ECCT TEC would quit
entry is 13 years immediately if

Girls are vulnerable due
1o poverty, childhood
sexual abuse, family
issues and addiction.

Aboriginal women are
grossly overrepresented
in prostitution and
among the women who
have been murdered in


The RCMP estimates that
600-800 victims are
trafficked into Canada
each year. and another
1,500 10 2.200 persons
are trafficked through
Canada to the United
States annually.

On December 20, 2013, the
Supreme Court of Canada
struck down the prostitution
laws thus affording us a rare
opportunity to create just laws
that protect the rights and
dignity of the vulnerable!

LE Fact
Lit ELC) 85% of
[CNET prostitutes were
[LG sexually abused
prostitution. as children

Pimps and traffickers
use deception, coercion,
false promises of
romantic relationship,
better life, false job

“You can buy a woman for
$10,000 and make your
money back in a week if she
is young and pretty. Then
everything else is profit.”
Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg
convicted trafficker.

Human trafficking is $32 billion / year
business. 79% of victims are destined
for sex trade. Canada is a source,

destination and transit country.

Trafficking of Girls and Women is
driven by DEMAND to buy sex

No Demand = No Trafficking/Prostitution

Sweden, Norway and Iceland have
CHL of women through
prostitution by criminalizing Johns,
Pimps and Tratfickers pie)
decriminalizing prostitutes.

Seeks to Abolish

i «Gender equality will
Believes: remain unattainable as
and exploit women and

children by prostituting

leave prostitution



Jurisdictions such as Germany, the
Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia
have decriminalized and regulated


i Prostitutes and pimps
Believes: are legal Sess

Prostitutes are required
to undergo health
checks but not johns


Cle} businesses requiring
appropriate licenses





0/ Decrease in number of

Radical reduction in
I” brothels and massage
LCT parlors

argc, recrease,

fewer street prostitutes

No Demand = Bad Business for
Pimps and Traffickers

Swedish police report
having intercepted
communications from
traffickers declaring that

Legalization does not
control the sex
industry. It expands it.
YE) Over the last decade,
in the Netherlands the
sex industry grew 25
prostitution also grew

Mayor of Amsterdam says .
it's impossible to protect ]f eld
the girls and closed down
large swath of red light
district due to organized

cnme A(T a

In the Netherlands
15% child prostitution
More than J ECE]
Amsterdam's 8000- EXE IGH ET
11000 prostitutes are 1896 10 15,000 in
from Eastern Europe, 2001
Africa and Asia

Some people believe that legalizing prostitution brings economic benefits to the entire economy. Men like one thing above all other things and that’s sex.  The sex industry is big business. The porn industry alone in America brings in billions.

For the sake of argument we need to forget about the dark side of prostitution and that some women are forced into sex work through human trafficking and remember that for some women and men, it’s a choice.

We need to focus on the men and women who willingly sell their bodies for sex, when we ask the question should prostitution be legal? THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY

For some women and men being able to sell their bodies for sex is a great opportunity to get out of a disadvantageous situation.  

Think about it dating is a form of prostitution. The guy dazzles you with dinner and gifts in hopes to get sex. The exchange of cash for sex upfront is just a more honest approach.

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Feeling empty in your soul??


Then put a lil Jesus in your hole!

Since it's Sunday meme

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Cash is the most valuable resource. It’s the asset we need most to survive. If you think about it, it’s rather odd to make it illgal to arrest a man or a woman for what happens in their bedrooms, if both parties are consenting adults.

Also being allowed to turn a trick for profit could prevent countless problems in poor families, like getting the electricity shutoff, not being able to buy food, or getting evicted.

Selling sex could mean freedom for millions of people

Growing up in poor neighborhoods where the opportunities are scarce and jobs are a rare commodity, prostitution can become the  preferred  way of making money and achieving economic freedom.


Prostitution gives everyone the ability to make money and that should be empowering, as long as nobody is being forced to do something they do not want to do.

It’s important to take religious views of sex out of the picture when discussing sex workers. Everyone has different views on sex. Some people think sex is taboo and you should wait for marriage. Other people see it is an ordinary every day activity.a9f7d4ed.png

The truth is sex is healthy. There is a reason our bodies crave sex. Sex has tons of benefits like it makes you happier by combating stress and depression. Having sex can even make you look ten years younger, not to mention sex is a great workout and it boost your immune system.

One of the biggest arguments for the legitimization of prostitution is that it would reduce violent sex crimes against women like rape. This is likely true, as a man would not need to rape an unwilling women to satisfy his sex craving , when he could legally buy a sex worker.

Yes, decriminalization is highly likely to reduce sex-related crimes.

The biggest reason is it would improve relationships between prostitutes and the police.

Sex workers would be empowered to approach a police officer if they are in danger or having a problem with a client.

The government in America spends  more than $120 million a year on prostitution control. Your hard earned tax dollars are used to harass and arrest young women trying to make a living selling the only commodity they have, their body.

It’s true that if women and men had high paying jobs, and came from an economical well off background, that they would likely be unwilling to prostitute themselves., but most men and women don’t. Some men and women come from extreme poverty, Prostitution gives them a chance to financially empower themselves.

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(Nacho) Ignacio Orna

3 years ago #5

Prostitutes are first people and then prostitutes. They must have rights as people and as prostitutes.

Lisa Vanderburg

3 years ago #4

Yes - absolutely they should have rights. But that would mean having the prostitute (either sex) 'fess up; say, on a CV. This is a great and intelligent piece of writing Lyon Brave and I applaud it! But whichever the sex of the 'john', he/she likes it hidden. Is that part of the trick?

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #3

Lyon Brave - just deleted my comment by mistake! Just wanted to say (again...) that I really enjoyed this informative post. I think that if governments used the money saved from decrimilising sex workers and used it to fund education/training programs - in your article you cited a statistic that said well over 80% of all prostitutes want to get out of the 'game'.

John Rylance

3 years ago #2

Prostitutes have human rights regardless of whether prostitution is legal or not.

Claire L Cardwell

3 years ago #1

Lyon Brave - great post, I've often said that prosecuting prostitutes is wrong, rather spend the money used to arrest/prosecute sex-workers into training and education programs - give them a change to get out of the 'game' if they want.

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