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Reflections on Wealth for 2019 by Lyon Amor Brave

Reflections on Wealth for 2019 by Lyon Amor Brave

“Money won’t make success. The freedom to make it will.”- Nelson Mandela

It’s not dignified to be poor. Being poor drastically lowers your quality of life and self-esteem. It makes it harder to achieve your goals and have a healthy and happy social life. Their is no honor in being a poor person. The poor cannot help the poor out of poverty because they are poor themselves. It’s very hard to help yourself if you are poor. 

If you are a person who thinks it's righteous to be poor, than in 2018 you need to do some course correction and reflection about your life.  It is righteous to be poor.t It is a loss of dignity that makes it so you cannot afford proper, medical care, education, or even enjoy the many luxurious things this world has to offer like a spa day or a really good meal. 

There is nothing holy about being poor. Poverty is an awful predicament that too many humans are in. Humans are in poverty for two main reasons. One reason is humans can be lazy, and unwilling to break free from bad habits that keep them in poverty. The second reason is greed. There are humans who have so much money, they could change the lives of many, but instead do nothing with their money, but save it in the bank, or buy multiple houses and cars and essentially hoard resources for themselves and are even willing to cause the poverty and misery of others to obtain their wealth. Yes, con artists and scams are abundant and big governments across the world contribute to this problem. Still you cannot blame big governments and cheaters on your poverty because it's not the governments job to make you rich. It's your responsibility to make your own money and safeguard it in a world designed to steal every penny you have. 33f0ca8a.jpg

With that being said, though here is nothing dignified  about being poor, their is nothing dignified about being rich and selfish. If one acquires riches, they should spread the wealth like Bill Gates and Jack Ma. It is not humane, or ethic to value money and material over people. A person of integrity person knows all human life is precious and significantly more valuable than money and uses their money as a tool to help the less fortunate. All humans should value human life over material possessions. A Television can always be replaced, a car can always be replaced, but once a human life is gone, it’s gone forever.

 “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interest, but also to the interests of others.” - Philippians 2:3-4

When you are blessed, you should bless others. The world is not what it should be today because of the wide spread of greed. We live in the 21st century and there are still places that don’t have running water or schools. Most people have a me first attitude, and a me only attitude. 
Lyon Amor Brave

You are not here to glorify yourself. You are here to help. 
Lyon Amor Brave
You are a servant of god and if you don’t like the word god, because you don’t like to identify with religion, you are a servant to the highest order. You are here to make the world a better place. We are all here to make the world a better place. Too many of us waste our resources on vices, and junk like alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. All that money you spent on beer and cable television over the years could have brought water to a remote village. We are here to advance the world, not buy big screen TV
 Lyon Amor Brave

I am not saying you can’t splurge on yourself, of course you can. You are meant to live a wonderful and rewarding life, but when you got it good, you’re supposed to make it good for other people too. It’s not dignified to be one of those people who doesn't care about anybody, but themselves. Robin Hood was a guy full of integrity because he was always giving to the poor. It’s a spiritual law to help those in need. 

Why should you be blessed with a fortune, if you are going to dwindle the money away on meaningless things, instead of helping to better humanity?

Not only are you called to help people you have never met, you are called to help the people closets to you. What gets me is a lot of us don’t help our friends and family. Many people abandon their families in times of need. You can’t help a sister out, but you got money to go to the strip club, got money for cigarettes and drinks. I get it, we all got bills, but if someone you know is in real trouble, and you can’t help them out because you’re worried about paying your bills on time, that shows that you have also mismanaged your financial situation and should reflect on where did your money go. We can blame bills, but was it also our careless spending on clothes that have never been worn, and soda we don't need. The truth is nobody needs soda to be a part of their daily expense, but this is a daily expense for many or a more expensive drink like a Red Bull. 


The frugal life isn’t about convenience. The frugal life is about saving to safeguard and protect your future and the future of your loved ones. A frugal person has to have character and a person with good character sometimes makes sacrifices to help others and themselves like not buying Doritos everyday and coffee. Look at people in the Peace Corp, They live out in remote villages, living in mud huts with no running water, bike  miles to get to work, no Wi-Fi, no cable, get paid very little and they do it all to improve the lives of people they have never met.

So tell me, if some people can go out of their way to help strangers, why the hell can’t your sinful ass at least help your family? You got to help your family. You need to love your family and put your petty disputes behind you. 

The bible says, “if anyone does not provide for his relatives and especially members of his household, he has denied his faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” -1 Timothy 5:8

If you don’t have money to share because you haven’t been blessed yet, you still need to love people with your full heart. You always got love to share and love is your greatest resource to share. Maybe, you haven’t been blessed because you got no love for people or yourself. Love is more important than money, but we hold back our love from people. We all crave love, even those of us who want to pretend to be bitter and void of emotion because we have been deeply hurt in the past. We can't help, but to desire love. It is innate. Love makes life worth living and with its absence many of us fall into a deep despair.

Many of us are subconsciously unaware or our biggest motivations in life. We even declare money and corporate success as our biggest motivations, but universally no matter what culture, gender or skin color you are, love is what you are seeking, and anything else you say you desire with your whole hearts is a lie. Your heart cannot be filled up with money, or fame, or employee of the month certificates. These are the ambitions of a child. If hearts could feel whole with material things only, then billionaires and rock stars would not meet such tragic fates like suicides and drug overdoses, which are basically suicides.

With that being said, money is freedom and you better figure out a way to make it. Money is power and it greatly adds to the quality of life. It is not good to be poor and it’s not good to be rich and poor of spirit. It’s best to be rich and rich of spirit. Honestly, if you can make a fortune, you can change the world. You can run for president. Money is freedom. It positions you much better than poverty, so don’t lie to yourself and think it’s righteous to be poor. Being poor comes with a certain amount of powerlessness. We shouldn’t look down on the poor, but being poor is certainly something in your power to change.


When you acquire wealth it shows you have mastered the material world. Not all people are capable of being masters. Now demons can certainly master the material world, but it’s better if angels do it. To be heard you must not be poor. Any country where the wicked are rich and the righteous are poor is in turmoil. When the righteous are rich the people rejoice, because they share in the love. The wicked keep it for themselves and keep people suffering. It’s very honorable to be known as someone who truly did well for others.

 In 2019 figure out how to master the material world to benefit yourself, family, friends, and strangers.

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Nick Mlatchkov

2 years ago #3

A cool pic!

Lyon Brave

2 years ago #2

Thanks girl.

Proma 🐝 Nautiyal

2 years ago #1

I second your thoughts, Lyon. I value money because of the freedom it bestows, but I also believe there's no point keeping it all to yourself. That really does no good. Loved the read. Sharing! 

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