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Z/ Happy.Words are tremendously powerful, but it is our choice to give words there power or not. When someone give us a command, we can choose to obey, or disobey. We have been made to feel fear by others threats, shame by remarks about our worthiness and attractiveness, shunned by gossip and rumors. Words are hurtful and have the ability to start wars. 

The “N” Word is possibly the most controversial and explosive word in history. We are asking for a riot if we use this in a group of African Americans. On the same note calling a woman a “bitch” or a “cunt” is practically begging to get smacked in the face. Ever since we were kids we knew the power of words and how they could crush us. We even came up with songs to protect us from their damage like, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me” and “I'm rubber you're glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you.

When we are adults how come it seems we lose the wisdom we had as children on how to handle negativity? Let’s examine the wisdom behind “I’m rubber, you’re glue.” This riposte used when someone calls you a name, indicates that whatever names or words someone uses in an attempt to offend or insult you, those words will bounce off you, and stick to the name-caller, indicating that he or she is actually indicative of the connotation he or she originally wanted to impart upon you. There is so much wisdom in this riposte that it’s genius. CENA Your mind
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Psychologically speaking, usually when someone is insulting us- it stems from a place of insecurity. We can take comfort in knowing when someone is calling us a name, it’s because something is wrong with the individual not us. If someone is calling you arrogant or egocentric, good. If you read between the lines of their own insecurity, what they mean to say is you seem to have purpose and confidence and I wish I had that. Hatters will hate and they will hate on us.

Words are but a seed and our minds are the grounds for them to take root. We have to safe guard our minds and hearts and not let words of destruction bear fruit. In our realities, we have to leave it barren and only allow words of encouragement and strength to take root in our minds and realities. Every single person is going to face a naysayer who wants them to play it small and be a lesser version of themselves, but a naysayer is a minuscule and external factor we should never give our power to. Unfortunately, the majority of people give a naysayer ultimate power over the outcome of their life. It is so irrational to believe in doubt, that it is mind boggling the majority of us live our life this way and pick an existence based on the merits of disbelief in our own capabilities.

There is a reason our friends or relatives have murmured to us, “We are our own worst enemies,” because it’s true. No matter what negative experiences we have had, which have tainted our perceptions with unpleasantness, we have to admit to ourselves, nobody is trying to stop us from getting what we want out of life. Nobody is standing in our way. The only one stopping us from achieving our personal goals and ambitions is us. We stand in our own way. Life is indifferent towards us. It doesn’t have any personal stake in whether we fail or succeeded. Even when it seems like people are out to get us, rest assured they can’t stop us even if they try. They can possibly set us back, throw us off our game, try to persuade us to doubt ourselves, but we can get back on track simply by disentangle our lives from these people. We don’t have to be around people who plant the seed of doubt deep in our subconscious minds.

The best advice I can give you is from Abraham Hicks. She says, the best way to stop doubt is before it happens. This means after a job interview don’t sit there and worry you won’t get a call back. Instead try to visualize yourself happy in your new office position, or don’t think about work at all, think about something that makes you happy like the idea of true love. Instead of thinking the world is a cruel place full of problems, try see it as a place of beauty with a few kinks to work out. Our thoughts create our realities, if we think negatively about a situation we are going to create a negative out-come.

If we think we don’t have the ability to get what we want out of life, why would we even try and this is a thought of limitation, which is a thought of doubt. If a negative thought enters our minds, we need to push out the thought as fast as possible and try to focus on something positive. This is called mindful thinking, or conscious thinking. The more we can control our thoughts, which is where the real battle ground of life takes place because it dictates how we think and feel about ourselves and the world at large. If we think positive, we are more likely to attract positive experiences into our lives. They say bad things come in three, and they usually do because that is our expectation. If we decided to expect good to happen, good will happen. Life is what we make of it, nothing more, and nothing less.


Excerpt from Self-Help book Transforming the Victim by Lyon BraveThink Happy.
Z/ Happy.

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Ken Boddie

4 years ago #7

No rubber around here, Lyon Brave ..... all glue! 'Cause we're "Stuck on you". Another great thought provoking buzz from the 'Negativity Whisperer'. 👍

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #6

Here's a good precept: "If a negative thought enters our minds, we need to push out the thought as fast as possible and try to focus on something positive. This is called mindful thinking, or conscious thinking." Indeed, negative thoughts, when unbridled, destroys the strength of conscience. And that's devastation of human personality. When negative thoughts sprout, in abundance, so strange to sight life becomes and to reason becomes a task. And then, when errors by increase upon life make a heavy burden. O, that's a beguiling burden!

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #5

I believe you read between the lines, the exact meaning. But social media is in its youth. 50 years from now it will have run its course. We might be into mind melds through technology or something. Clearly though the communications world is evolving in delivery. Context is what i sense is next to evolve. Platforms such as Bebee and others are merely that platforms. The people on them are currently are setting the context. Many are trying to control the context but i dont believe they are/will be successful. We can watch politics and its attempt to use, control and use media to their end. It always seems that once content reaches the eyes, and ears of people the context is defined. Not necessarily based on the originators intentions. This is my journey with social media, context. Content abounds but watching posts, comments and mostly reactions is showing me the true world we live in, over time. It truly is a mixed bag of understandings that makes up this world. The comedy of it all, when a group, political party or entity senses they have "control" over the context of world opinions/views. From my perspective i sense that we are within a flow of information, controlling our own boat is enough. Trying to control beyond that, is what heart disease is made. The most interesting group i encounter is the one way group. Life is a one way street and take it or leave it perspective. I have to believe that many leave it within the live group scenario. My favorite group is the explorers, folks who see the broader picture, they just want to get to the next turn and see whats there.

Harvey Lloyd- great point that you mention "The challenge, within social media we seek a level of acceptance that causes us to define our words or measure our words differently than we would within the live group". No wonder I see many posts on beware of what you say on social media. May be to the extent that we are on our foot trying to avoid what not to say rather than what we intend to say.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #3

Words have many meanings to many different people in different social groups. That was a mouth full. I would imagine that with the advent of social media we had an unintended consequence. Our "live" social groups, the ones we stand face to face with, cause us to adjust our definitions of words in order to retain/build the relationship. With social media though our relationships are different, its more conversational rather than personal. Yet we get feedback negative and positive, according to our perceptions, based on how we define words. If your comments or word choice are offensive in my live social group it will guide my commentary in social media.. The challenge, within social media we seek a level of acceptance that causes us to define our words or measure our words differently than we would within the live group. Whether we heed the definitions or not, is not the point but rather the point being we carry different dictionary's around in our head for different forms of communication. This is an interesting topic of discussion. Maybe we carry internal, general public, personal/friend and social media dictionaries?

Beautiful contribution this is @Lyon Brave. The rubber and glue example is strikingly beautiful. The observation that "...usually when someone is insulting us- it stems from a place of insecurity" is correct. I agree and really strong people from inside refrain insulting others. Those people find encouraging others an opportunity. It is unfortunate that is life negative actions are much easier than positive ones and they may become spontaneous. Getting angry on others, insulting them or blaming them need to energy to activate them; we need the energy to transform them into positive actions. How a self-defeated person with feelings of insecurity shall transform is an issue that begs for more thinking. Sharing your beautiful buzz

Lisa Gallagher

4 years ago #1

Very inspiring Lyon Brave. I agree, we can create our own reality with the exception of certain life's circumstances that affect our psyche, like the loss of a loved one. We still can choose to be nice or mean though. My vision includes having an oceanfront place , ive been visualizing it for years and i dont see it in my near future. ;-)

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