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N0 Romance NO Roommates NO Music

N0 Romance NO Roommates NO MusicI have reached the stage in life where i want to live either alone or with a significant other. This can be hard for single people to pull off because we get lonely when we are a year or two into living alone. Plus, it makes financial sense to split the bills, but does it make sense to split your space if you and the other person are two very different people. I would say NO because i am not at the stage in life where i want to hear a hookup going on that doesn't involve me. I am at the stage of life where if i am paying money, the hookup in my space better directly invovle me and nobody else and i don't think that is asking too much, that i no longer want to hear other people SPLASHING! It probably stems from being ready to settle down and start that phase of my life called do you like me enough to maybe want babies. Rommates, don't really allow room for deep intimacy. 86fa66e6.jpg

The way my current living situatuion is setup, even if i had someone to splash with, I wouldn't want to bring them here. Even if i just wanted casual fun, I wouldn't want to bring them here, largely because this doesn't feel like my space. It feels like my roommates place though i'm splitting everything 50/50.

When I was younger and seven of us lived together in one gigantic house, people were hooking up all around me and i was hooking up all around them and it was normal and natural. I even broke the kitchen table. Needless to say we had a lot of fun, but this living situation started when i wasn't of legal age to drink. 

Now that i'm older, I demand privacy. Maybe I am being selfish, but i don't want other people's friends and lovers over. It ruins my peace of mind and it ruins my practice time. What a lot of you don't know is I play the paino very masterfully. I would like to compose a brilliant album one day, but i simply cannot work on my music when I am not alone for many reasons. You simply cannot practice music when company is over. You simply cannot  practice music when normal people are in the house. You can half ass practice, but you can't get a real practice in because of shyness, the lack of vibes, and the fact that they just don't get what it's like to be a musician. The will never understand the dedication of playing a song 100 times in our bedrooms and garages before we ever play a dive bar with 15 people in it. 21763abb.jpg

Needless to say, this Florida situation will be one of the last times i accept a roommate situation that is not my lover. This kind of makes me sad because i understand roommates can bring a fullness to your life when it's the right people, but i haven't been around the right people for a very longtime and it is simply time to embrace living truly alone. I've had my own place before, but not for years and years. I am a lone wolf at heart and until i find the person i am to have cubs with you are not welcome in my house.

However you are still welcome in my life, i would just rather meet in public.

P.S. I hate that roommates think they can SPLASH at whatever time of the night, but if you cook or play music past 8, even though someone is SPLASHING you are a real A-hole. I guess, i feel repressed when I live with other people. I have to spend too much of my time walking on egg shells. Somtimes, you want to wash the dishes a day or two later you know?!


Anyways, let me know what your living situation is?? How you like it and how you make it work or not work with roomies!!

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Lyon Brave

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Well what are you hustling#3 my life has stopped I must admit

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #1

Brian McKenzie so what do you do with your freetime

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