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Money Is Meant To Be Lost-The Soul Is Not by Lyon Amor Brave

Money Is Meant To Be Lost-The Soul Is Not by Lyon Amor BraveYou recharge me.

When we are having bad days, bad months, bad years, it's because we are missing out on a key ingredient in our lives. 

That key ingredient is love. 

The truth is no matter how much adversity we are facing, unemployed, lacking essential elements like food and shelter, what has our hearts feeling gloom and doom is that nobody cares enough to provide us food and shelter. 

When we hit rock bottom, it is because our life is essentially lacking external love. 

External love is love from other people and how much they care about us. It's how the world responds to us, how the world treats us and the world and the people do not always treat us with the love, respect and compassion we are worthy of.  I NEED

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Internal love is how much we care about ourselves and how we treat ourselves. 

Sometimes, we care very little about ourselves and other people care a whole lot about our well being. 

Then there our times, we care a lot about ourselves, but it seems we are utterly helpless without the support of other people. 

d25767fa.jpgSometimes the soul suffers in a material world because people forget their humanity alone is valuable. 

When someone won’t give us the time of day because we don’t have the right car, clothes, suit or house, it can really take a toll on one’s self-esteem. 

When we start associating who we are, with what we own, we are getting very close to losing ourselves and becoming someone else. 

We have all heard stories of billionaires who lost their fortune and jumped out a window. These people didn’t value themselves. They valued money more, and that’s a sad mentality to hold because we only get one life. 

Many of us are subconsciously unaware or our biggest motivations in life. We even declare money and corporate success as our biggest motivations, but universally no matter what culture, gender or skin color we are, love is what we are seeking, and anything else we say we desire with our whole hearts is a lie. 

Our hearts cannot be filled up with money, or fame, or employee of the month certificates. If our hearts could feel whole with these things, then billionaires and rock stars would not meet such tragic fates like suicides and drug overdoses, which are basically suicides. 

We all crave love, even those of us who want to pretend to be bitter and void of emotion because we have been deeply hurt in the past. 

We can't help, but to desire love. It is innate. Love makes life worth living and with its absence many of us fall into a deep despair.

Love is a word used to typically describe an emotion. However love is much bigger than our emotions. It's more than a feeling. Love is an essence, a calling, a purpose and overwhelming power that inspires us to better ourselves, to protect others. Love is a muse. It is why we are here. 

Money can always be made back even if it’s lost. Money is meant to be lost because it is a resource to access other things. Its sole purpose is for transactions to take place, but a humans purpose is to do much more than to make money. 

Money is only a tool for us to use to interact in this world and with the people around us, which means when we are hoarding money because we have been taught to save, we might not be fully living in alignment with our purpose. 

First, a human must help themselves, but once they are capable of standing on their own two feet, they must help others or their life has no real value. In simple terms humans are here to love, build and create, but because of greed and a lack of true morality, humans often neglect the value of another human's life over material goods. 

Humans often make the mistake of valuing money over each other, which is why humans have become increasingly, isolated, depressed, and no matter how advanced we get, we cannot seem to solve simple problems like poverty and racism. 

Yes, solving poverty and racism are simple problems as soon as humans decide all life is inherently more valuable than money. Money isn't even real. It only has the meaning humans assign to it, which means we have chosen to make irrational choices regarding humanity, earth and all living creatures for a longtime.  

A television does not replace a sister or a friend, but many people would rather purchase a brand new television, while letting their family members sleep in a homeless shelter.

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"When we start associating who we are, with what we own"= this is a real issue Lyon Brave. We tend to live artificial lives. We become artificial flowers that may look good, but they spread no scent of their own.

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