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What the FUCK are you doing with your life is the most haunting thought a person can ever have. You can have this thought hooking up cable, while a grown woman is looking at your crack. What the Fuck are you doing with your life is a profound question. Are you in college? Did you spend 60,000 USD on a business degree to be the barista at Starbucks?

Where is your self esteem? Did you read all of the Harry Potters? ? Did you just tell everyone on Facbook your aunt died or you want to commit suicide? How often did you practice magic as a boy? Do you believe in magic in a young boys heart?Have you ever been in love with a vampire? Do you believe that holy water will work? Have you ever seen real magic or a good magic show? Do gender pronouns offend you? Do you identify as a Facebook user? Can we all just admit Google is better than Yahoo? How often do you Tweet by a show of hands?

Are you self confident? Do you look good naked? Do you ask yourself stupid questions? How often do you masturbate? If you are a man and a mathematics major, have you ever made a graph about how often you touch yourself? What is your life ambition? What is your soulmate like? Do big tits matter to you? Are you a legs or an ass man? Have you ever seen a Vangogh? Do you know what today is? Is it Monday or Tuesday? 

Have you ever identified as a genius, but really you were a retard? How many time do you post on Instagram> Do you hate black people? Do you hate homosexuals? Did you knock up your high school girlfriend? Do you have a retarded brother or know somebody with a disability? How does knowing other people effect your mental landscape? 

If truth is beauty is ugly a lie? Does great things mean bad things will happen? Is the fall inevitable? Is death a fall or a good thing disguised? Can you talk to god, but not your mother or your wive. Is your husband cheating on you? Is sex crucial to life or is money crucial to life?

Really, what kind of person are you? Do you believe in our savior JESUS CHRIST?  Do you believe it's wrong to eat meat? Are you your husbands wife or are you a lesbian? If you are a lesbian does that make you a vegan? Are you a vegetarian because you like women or is it because you like animals? How often do you swallow tofu? Why is it unprofessional to talk about sex? ? Does it bring us closer together as a tribe to talk about toufu? Do black lives matter? Why do white people hate black people? Do white people still feel bad about slavery? Is Alexa my girlfriend? Are you unprofessional because you talk about Aleca? Have you slept most of your life away because you are a monk? Is there a good way not to sleep? If there is a god why won't he give me a million dollars?

Can we at least have a safe space to talk about sex?  Do you want people to see you naked? Should people be having more sex or less? Is sex evil? Can sex get you pregnant? How come some girls don't know where babies come everyone doesn't know about birth control? Why don't we make better use of birth control? How come thirteen year old girls get pregnant? Does that seem like the right age to have a child? Should humans be governed by law because there are a lot of stupid humans once drugs or alcohol gets involved? What about humans carrying guns? Should we get them a bullet proof vest? Should we make them invincible against the harm they cause? Is the millitary bad or neccessary? 

How many questions of ethics do you ask yourself in one day? Is Africa a real country? Should we feed the starving kids in Africa. Should we shoulder the blame of others? Should we get oil out of the oceans? Should we save our planet? Should we protect endangered species? Should poachers get the death penalty? Did the holocaust happen? Why did god invent AIDS? People can cure AIDS WITH DIVINE INTELLIGENCE? If you are stupid, how long do you remain stupid?

Are you eating too many hot dogs in the middle of the nigh?. Is your diet fucking Doritos and Polish Boys? Do you drink at a bar all night long? Do you go to church but never pray? Are you desiring a sex life but celibate?? Are you a gym guy with no friends. Are you a loner? Are you miss popular with the big tits, and big hair and big ass? Are you the owner of a gun?Is your dick really small or balls really hairy. Have you ever shaved your pubs into the Batman symbol? I mean really what kind of person are you? 

Do you have a gun license? Did you vote for Donald Trump? Are you a faggot who just got fucked in the ass? Are you a woman who just got fucked in the ASS? Are you broke? Are you poor? What the fuck are you doing with your life? Are you someone who shoplifts makeup? Were you ever someone who shoplifted makeup? If so what made you do it? Do you know you can go to jail for stealing?

A lot of people steal just to get a RUSH. Are you bored with your life? If so why?  Are you a QUEER is HERE Representative. Literally, what the fuck are you doing with your life.?? Do you  have kids you never see? Do you hate your father? Are you a dead beat dad? Are you an absent father? Are you a teacher or a drunk? Do you smoke cigarettes and have medical bills?Are you an abusive woman. Are you an abusive man? Have you been abused? Have your kids been abused by you? Are you a neglectful parent? Are you a neglectful person? Do you keep true to your responsibilities?

How can you better yourself and yourself esteem? Do you need money? Do you like the person you married? Who are you really? Can you walk with a smile? What is your biggest dream? Did your dream ever come true?91cb9dc6.jpg


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Lisa Vanderburg

3 years ago #1

Forgive my brevity at you levity; pass the bong :)

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