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The reason we lack self awareness is our upbringing. Children are not necessarily taught to be good generous people, peace keepers or cosmopolitans at an early age, nor do most people know the definition of the word cosmopolitan. Classes on ethics are for college students and not everyone goes to college. Also, if one is to be ethical, self aware and globally aware at an early age, courses on ethical behavior need to be taught earlier than college to become fully integrated.

It’s no different than learning language. We will speak most fluently the language we learned as children. If we seek to learn a language as an adult, though it is possible, it requires dedicating over a decade of our adult life to achieve true fluency, which means we won’t be able to have an in depth conversation for many years.d8306854.jpg

In the same vain the adult who is trying to become an ethical and aware individual as an adult is setup for inefficiency and this is not their fault, it’s the fault of the community that raised them. If they have to master themselves as adults, they are taking a lot of time working on them instead of working within a community. 

However, taking the time is still the individuals best step to becoming effectual in their environment, than simply remaining a static character, which most people choose to do, because they are simply too lazy for self improvement and self mastery, because it takes time and dedication. If they mastered themselves as children and teenagers, or at least got a big head start on self mastery, they would be more effectual as adults, which might be the main reason some people become successful young and others don‘t every experience success or they experience it much later in life.5083e88a.jpg

Seeking social acceptance over self acceptance is key ingredient in why people are unhappy and unsuccessful. The reason people are depressed is simple, they are living a life they don’t want and they are not aware of the possibilities around them. They are not aware that their life could be dramatically different and better. We talked about naysayers, but sometimes the biggest naysayer in your life is yourself. We always find away to make excuses on why things can’t improve. 

"Depression is a painful state of indifference. It’s when the mundane routine of a life never explored becomes too pained to witness and escape its own prison." -Lyon Brave

Most people would rather live caged, even if they never experience love and joy, because they feel safe in their shackles. It is what they have known, a limited and confined existence. The ability to go anywhere and become anyone is scarier to them, than an early grave. Limiting our movement, limiting our personal growth, allowing our minds to be closed off, and imposing false boundaries on ourselves and others is a form of entrapment a large majority of us embrace.c96c5bc6.jpg

Yes, there are forces of nature that happen outside of our control, but it is not our job to feel pain created by uncertainness and insecurities of what might happen. Embracing limitations due to the fear of the unknown is exceptionally cowardly and ignorant because if the mind can conceive it, the mind can find away to achieve it. The truth is we are capable of anything. All humans are brilliant I don’t know why, but we are and to not use our gift of ingenuity is a shame. Humans are innate problem solvers. If there is a problem in this life, if there is a problem in this world, we can fix it. Nothing is impossible. He who has little faith in himself, can’t move mountains or perform miracles.

It is our job to feel love for what we have brought into our lives by free will. It is our job to wake up invigorated and excited to live another day. Life is brief. We never know which day is our last. We were never meant to walk around suffering. Some people refer to the suffering mankind faces biblically as the fall of man, but Eve eating from the tree of knowledge represents the same concept, we were never meant to suffer. In fact, what humans have been working towards for centuries is comfort and sustainability against the unpredictable factors. Humans have conquered this world, and we have great control over our destinies. All we have to do to lead a good life is accept it is ours to live, ours to take. We have real power. We are not powerless no matter how many times we have been made to feel this way.


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