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Law And Abortion: The Conservative Right To Throw The Baby Out

There are approximately 1.21 million abortions in America each year. By age 45, 1/3 of American women will have had at least one abortion. Is abortion murder? The answer to the question is an undeniable yes! Regarding abortion issues, our focus is sidetracked and energy is wasted arguing the point of conception, the moment life arises, and by tossing and turning over one portion of the abortion issue, we don‘t allow our minds to think about bigger issues and freedoms surrounding the subject matter.

Law And Abortion: The Conservative Right To Throw The Baby OutFR ZR)

 Bringing this point up is important, because the biggest conflict we face regarding whether abortion is right or wrong is deciding when life is created. Our questions should be broader when we discuss this topic. We should ask: Why does our society place an emphasis on sex in the media, but not enough on sex education in the classroom? When asked about our beliefs on the subject matter we say stuff like, well I don’t believe in abortion after four months, but anytime before then is fine, or I don’t really believe life takes place until the baby is born at the hospital

Frankly, all these are stupid and ill-informed responses! Obviously, if there is something to kill, life has been created. We are wasting our time questioning the timetable of life. It’s simple: as soon as the penis sneezes into the vagina, life is here! Women wouldn’t be having abortions, if they were not pregnant. It’s not my intention to be overbearing on this point, but can we please stop playing dumb regarding this very controversial, emotional and turbulent subject matter.

Now, saying a woman has an undeniable right to choice, does not mean it is encouraged. This is a horrific process we should work on reducing and the best cure for disease is prevention. Women need to be better educated on contraceptives, rape prevention, and the kind of men that are suitable and unsuitable partners long before they hit puberty. The reason we cannot so easily veto abortion is because it’s not a single girl’s failing, it’s a failing of society, the way we raised men, the way we raised women, and it makes us question our moral values in a very abrasive way, that’s why everyone sticks their nose in it. 

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Abortion Abortior

Abortion does represent failure on an individual scale as well as shows a failing in our culture and nature. We should not negate the fact that better educating young men and women should reduce the instance of abortion. Women should be educated about their options, speak with several other women with similar experiences, and seek counseling and medical advice so they can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Navigating the terrain of abortion is tricky, because once we remove the veil of misdirection, which leads us to argue about the wrong things, we can begin an honest discussion.It’s a coward and a liar’s question to ask when is life really created because we all know the answer to this. It takes an honest person to ask if women have a right to murder their unborn children. The answer to this question is an undeniable YES

It is a right declared by the Declaration of Independence itself. A woman has a right to happiness and certain liberties that a child may impede her from having such as a job, going to college, financially burdening her, or even having the freedom not to be attached to the child‘s father for the rest of her life, which I think is the biggest obstacle women face when deciding to have a child or not, is if she wants to be attached to a man she dislikes, does not love, abused, or raped her. When in debate, many people say “if she doesn’t like the father, or if she was raped, the humane thing to do is give the child up for adoption, or let the father raise it, but that is not a simple solution like people pretend and a mother leaving her child with a man she does not trust is not wise either, nor is it fair to expect a woman to carry out a nine month pregnancy to have a child she does not want.


A woman is extremely vulnerable when she is pregnant. Adoption is not the automatic solution because nine months is a lot of time to sacrifice and there is no guarantee the child will go to a good loving home. Think about how our lives have been ruined or rebuilt within two weeks time, think about how many people commit suicide because they find this world cruel and unloving. A day makes all the difference in the world and when we ask a woman to be pregnant for nine months when she doesn’t want to and has other options because of medical technology, we are being ruthless in the ways we want to limit and take away her freedoms. In fact we are being barbaric, limited and narrow in our thinking

We do not know what she will have to sacrifice in those nine months to have a child. She might lose her job, miss out on a life changing promotion, or flunk out of college. Though rare, she could have medical complications that end up killing her. Having that child might ruin the life she has worked very hard to create, bring her a great source of physical discomfort and mental shame, not to mention the emotional turmoil and psychological scar that could occur if she was forced to bring her rapists baby to conception. 

In regards to the father’s rights, he does not justifiably have a say in the matter unless he is married to the woman. It’s not his body and it’s not his life to influence the outcome, unless he is married to the woman. It’s easy to be a man and have children because the burden falls on the woman. Women still to this day, do double the work of men in the home. If the woman is not married, she must be regarded as an individual with full control over her life instead of a unit and the man must be regarded as an unwanted antibody. Abortion might be the cure to eradicate him from her life. 

This will sound harsh, but the man’s influence must be seen as a poison to the woman‘s existence. The woman has a right to walk a way from a partner she finds unsuitable if pregnancy occurred by force or a lapse in judgment. It‘s hard enough to build a functioning family unit as it is, but when a woman is forced to have a man‘s child she does not want to wed, we our burdening her future family or perhaps a family that she already has, forcing her new husband to deal with ‘baby daddy drama’ and a hybrid form of sibling rivalry is an unnecessary emotional toll to put on a family by force. 


It simply creates an unstable environment that split’s the family in half and it’s resources, time and affection. Abraham Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”  At the end of the day we are not simply asking a woman to let a child live, we are asking for the woman to let that child interrupt her whole existence. There will always be a voice arguing, “she should have to deal with the consequences of her actions,” the thing is she is, but not in the way we expected. She took a pregnancy test, and now she is responding to those consequences the best way she knows how. 

Further more, it’s unfair to penalize women for having sex, when men only have to answer to their actions in the form of giving child support, which a lot of them find a way to get out of, but that’s hardly a penalty, I’m sure every woman wishes she could just write a check and sit back the way men do.

We need to be honest about some more things: children from broken homes are 9X more likely to become criminals than those from stable homes according to, Iain Duncan Smith. He also said, “7 out of 10 offenders come from broken homes, adding that single parent families were more than twice as likely to live in poverty than those living with both parents.” According to the Centre for Social Justice estimates, the direct cost of family breakdown is up to $24 billion. He added: “This is not some abstract debate, family life affects all of us – what happens on our streets; in our communities; and in our economy. 

We need to admit that a woman having unwanted children isn’t a good thing for our personal lives or society at large and there are other alternatives. There is a more rational approach then pro-life and that‘s pro-choice, a woman needs a choice to keep the baby or not. People argue about abortion but they don’t really think about the issues or the ramifications of denying the vital right to go on with your own life without worrying about the life of another. When we put it in terms of killing a baby it sounds horrible, but we need to reshape the way we discuss and think about abortion.

I ask you, the American people, is it logical or wise to force every drunk teenager, every young and naive woman struggling in poverty to have children, when we could medically eradicate their error and give them a second chance to do it the right way, when they are ready and living a more stable life? Is it wise to force drug addicts to have children and irresponsible men and women? Is it wise to force people to raise children together when they do not like each other? You would be a fool to think this is a wise approach to child rearing. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”


As stated, children from broken homes don’t necessarily go on to be productive members of society. In fact, by banning abortion we could be setting civilization up for a collapse, we would be looking at higher crime rates, spikes in population, higher rates of poverty and more emotional turmoil and resentment, and possibly the collapse of family altogether. 

 We simply cannot know the scope of events we are forcing a woman to unleash by having a child, but I assure you, this should be her decision alone because the mother is the incubator, the one who will have to raise the child and give it life. It is her right to decide if her child participates and influences the course of her life or not. Yes, the unborn child has potential to be anybody and we are denying it‘s unique genetic code from participating in our collective human experience, but the mother’s genetic code is already a full blown person with memories, knowledge and experiences and our concern should be placed in a bigger investment. The mother is of greater value to society then the unborn child, in the same manner the experienced music teacher, who can play several instruments and has mastered musical theory is a better asset to a music school than the teenager in a garage band that knows one chord. We cannot weigh life on a scale of potential because we cannot say the potential to make money is infinite money. No the potential to make money is no money.

Is the little organism growing in the womb life? Yes. Does it have a right to live, only if the woman says so, because above all else, the biggest mistake I think we make when discussing abortion, is we respect the unborn child’s rights over the rights of the mother. In fact, we respect everyone’s opinions over the rights of the mother. We respect the opinionated bigot at the polls, the politician with the over-privileged life, the misinformed college kid, the abusive boyfriend, the snide Mormon, the old woman who thinks condoms are the same as abortion, the lawyer and dead men who wrote their misinformed ideologies down that we hold up high as absolute truths, over the rights of the mother. 

The mother’s emotional well-being and physical security is a much greater factor when discussing abortion. Did you ever think she simply does not want to have a child because she had sex for 30 seconds. The mother’s right to have control over what happens to her body and her life is a much bigger right then any of us being entitled to our opinions. We often turn a blind eye to her rights and ignore her all together or demonize the poor woman for the sake of being entitled to our own opinions, which is so egocentric, needless, and ungodly, though we claim to speak for God, that I don‘t know where to begin.684f54bf.jpg

Yes, abortion is murder, but it falls in the gray category where law doesn’t have a right to reach and our personal opinions surly don‘t have a right to restrict others. Comparing abortion to the holocaust or genocide is an irrational hyperbole that should not be taken seriously. These are different subjects, apples and oranges. We have expressions like, ‘sanctioned by law,” but law is not justice. Every woman who is raped should be able to cut her rapists penis off, but she can’t just go do that because law prevents her from having justice. She has to take him to trial, where the courts usually fail the woman, and the rapist gets off the hook and if she cuts off his penis she would see years in jail because there is a motive. 

Our system of courts and trails doesn’t really serve anyone but lawyers, politicians, police, and the rich. It diffidently serves men above women, whites above blacks, and rich over poor. Law and Order, doesn’t serve the common man or the common good, but to go into detail of the reasons is for another essay, but here’s a taste, Jim Crow Laws said blacks could not be in the same room with whites, was that justice? 

When we declare abortion is murder, we shouldn’t be so sensitive to words. It sounds worse then it really is. Murder is a word that has a powerful connotation to it. It automatically evokes negative emotions, and our natural response when asked if we would murder, is never, but we all should be willing to murder for a number of reasons, to protect ourselves, our liberties, and our brethren. Our military men and women know this, and they murder and are murdered so we can sit on the couch and pretend to be saints on a pedestal because we haven’t had to face real truth and sacrifice that comes with having freedom. We can use the Bible to justify murder and every sin for that matter. God gave many people the strength they needed to murder, look at the story of David and Goliath, not to mention god is a murder himself, look at what he did at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” and as a young woman and budding politician, I will not allow pro-lifers to steal the freedom of women. Though, it is likely I will never need an abortion, I take offense that there are thousands of people impeding on my or any other women’s freedom to choose what is right for our own existence. I do not believe in tyranny in any form and absolutes are a form of tyranny. 

Abortion should be regarded as a personal issue, which is not open for public scrutiny, unless you would like the government to become increasingly evasive and put cameras in every bedroom in America. Ironically, many of those who are pro-life are also pro-gun. If you were really pro-life, the protectors of life at all cost, wouldn’t you be working to eradicate anything that creates premature death, anything bad for us, like guns, cigarettes, alcohol, large sugar drinks and all fast food restaurants. No you wouldn’t because you like your liberties. 

Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” To set absolute regulation, that does not allow room for error or subjugation, seems to be setting the men and women of this country up for failure. When humans set strict and absolute regulations, on other humans to live by, a form of tyranny is in effect and when humans impose too many laws on our rights to choose for ourselves, they are exhibiting controlling tendencies. In the attempt to make humans perfect, in the eyes of our own biased standards, we are seeking an out right war against our fellow man. There can be no peace when we expect the impossible. For too long we have been expecting and attempting to force people to agree on a way to live, there are many ways to live, which is why I’m a defender of choice.

Originally, i wrote this article under a different Pen Name, but i assure it's mine. 

#abortion #pro-choice

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Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

4 years ago #5

Gandhi had many faults but this not the piece that you have selected. Now I suggest you read Kasturba Gandhi. Secondly, why did you not mention this in any of your articles? Why not corelate this?

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #4

MG was a great man and you are right my philosophizes are out of context with his, but all humans are full of contradictions. He himself was full of contradictions Read this (copy paste) “The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi” quotes him on February 19, 1944; “If God wills it, He will pull her through.” “Gandhi: A Life” adds this wisdom from the Mahatma: “You cannot cure your mother now, no matter what wonder drugs you may muster. She is in God’s hands now.” Three days later, Devadas was still pushing for the penicillin, but Gandhi shot back: “Why don’t you trust God?” Kasturba died that day. The next night, Gandhi cried out: “But how God tested my faith!” He told one of Kasturba’s doctors that the antibiotic wouldn’t have saved her and that allowing her to have it “would have meant the bankruptcy of my faith.” (Emphasis mine.) But Gandhi’s faith wasn’t much of an obstacle a short time later when it was his ass on the line. A mere six weeks after Kasturba died, Gandhi was flattened by malaria. He stuck to an all-liquid diet as his doctors tried to convince him to take quinine. But Gandhi completely refused and died of the disease, right? No, actually, after three weeks of deterioration, he took the diabolical drug and quickly recovered. The stuff about trusting God’s will and testing faith only applied when his wife’s life hung in the balance. When he needed a drug to stave off the Grim Reaper, down the hatch it went..

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #3

Have nice Morning Joseph, but i will actually be going to bed. We are allowed to disagree.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt

4 years ago #2

You must read more of Mahatma Gandhi , the reference though suited to your logical construct is unsuitable for your style of expression. If you understand what I'm saying.

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #1

Joseph, I monitor lifestyles. I'm god.

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