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It's Time To Say Goodbye to Bebee

It's Time To Say Goodbye to Bebee

I remember when I first joined beBee I was hopeful and optimistic. They promised to make us ambassadors. They promised to give us more than a regular social media site. They promised to cut us in and even make it lucrative.

I started writing on beBee in 2016. I have not seen 1 cent or 1 benefit from sharing my stories, life and vulnerabilities on this site. 

I remember going to delete this site and being asked not to. I remember I was asked to show people my passport so lawyers could draw up official documents so I could get my share of the affinity or whatever that meant. 

I feel like beBee was just a big pyramid scam and I got dragged into it and wasted my time on this site. 

Over the next few weeks I will be transferring my articles to a drive. I am very busy because I am moving from South Korea back to America, but once I get all my articles off of this site I am deleting it. 

This site is not serving me and I do not choose to waste my time on here any longer, when the only reason I am on here is broken promises and lies. 

beBee was just another pyramid scheme taken advantage of the little guy. Why should I write free content for them, so they can profit? I am just done being used by companies.

beBee is just vanity publishing. If I am not making money, I do not care about the vanity. I am pretty pissed about how they duped me. How they lead me to believe this was going to turn into something worthwhile, a fortune even. 

I was named ambassador, yet I didn't even get my little beBee. I feel like I added value to this community. I was one of the more prolific and interesting people on here and I feel like it was a gigantic waste.

Anyways peace. I have bigger things to do than write for bebee like run for president. 

Javier 🐝 CR 

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Lyon Brave

8 months ago #10

Points taken Jim and maybe when I have something I feel compelled to write I will do it. I agree I have made a handful of wonderful friends here and it does feel like a supportive community, which is reward enough. Bebee is a good platform to express yourself.

Javier 🐝 CR

8 months ago #9

thank you SO MUCH Zacharias. We WILL rolling out a newer version of beBee. for sure. Again, thank you very much for everything: An infinite thanks to a number of users who have been active in one way or another on the platform since the beginning, and who have always believed in beBee. THANKS.

Fay Vietmeier

8 months ago #8

Lyon Brave There are many on beBee who would miss you "Brave Lyon" As Mr Rogers would say "only you are you" .. your perspective .. your words .. your "Brave" style.. at times "feisty" .. at times poetic .. at times political .. at times personal I add my voice to those who, with "bee-affection" express appreciation of your presence & contribution Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador Jerry Fletcherry Paul Walters Jim Murray John Rylance Pascal Derrien Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris I shared this before: All relationship are a sowing & reaping .. this includes social relationships We must weigh the value. Discernment is required. I loved John's word "fruitful" - bees are fruitful creatures as demonstrated by the thought-full posts that reflect their unique perspective & qualities I appreciate Franci's response about "expectations" .. "good people & worthy articles" are in abundance on beBee - that is how I found thee "Don't be a donkey" (a post that was full of wisdom & reminded me of what I hear from my son;~) Jim's reasoned wisdom resonates Mostly the encouragement to stay and be .. the "best of bees"

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

9 months ago #7

The irony of it all is that shortly after the OP left, Javier announced that a newer version of beBee will be rolling out this year. Perhaps it's true what they say: good things come to those who wait (though I'd be happy to be on beBee even if that new release doesn't happen this year). Cheers

Paul Walters

9 months ago #6

Lyon Brave Now that is a blog that I really didn't want to read today. I have enjoyed your 'fiesty' writing over the years and will miss it.

Jerry Fletcher

9 months ago #5

Lyon, welcome back to this side of the Pacific. If you leave beBee completely it will be our loss. It is still no picnic here and, I believe has become less inclusive in the last 4 years. You will need all the strengths I've seen you develop. Do not stop telling it like it is. Some of us hear you and see you and are proud to know you. May fate favor you. Ans so it goes.

I never expected anything from beBee except good people and worthy articles and that's what I got. Good luck with your future endeavors.

Jim Murray

9 months ago #3

I have been in marketing since way before the Internet came along and could never figure out how BeBee would be able to pay anyone for anything. There's not enough advertising or sponsored links to make that happen. So I basically asked myself what it was good for. Well, it's a great place to store my blogs. It's a better blogging platform than LinkedIn and Wordpress. I can also post on those sites without going through a lot of hassling. And I know a few people here. That's good enough for me, because my blogs were never intended to be something I got paid to do, but only a way to showcase my marketing skills and insights, and maybe attract some business that way. Now everybody's situation is different, and I can see your point. But I don't really get the idea of removing yourself from here altogether. I mean, you can do anything you want to do without doing that. At least you have some readers here, and that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. But if you leave, I wish you all the best.

John Rylance

9 months ago #2

Good Luck, may wherever you do prove to be more fruitful than bebee has been for you.

Pascal Derrien

9 months ago #1

Sorry to see you go :-(

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