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How does the LED indicator emit mixed color light?

Light emitting diodes are called LED for short. It is made from gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other compounds. When electrons combine with holes, they emit visible light, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. Used as an indicator light in circuits and instruments, or as a text or digital display. Gallium arsenide diode red light, gallium phosphate diode green light, silicon carbide diode yellow light, gallium nitride diode blue light. Therefore, the chemical properties of organic light-emitting diode LED and inorganic light-emitting diode LED.
The red green two color LED indicator light is an indicator that can switch between two kinds of light.
Two color LED with three pin, the middle foot is a common pole, one side is straight and the other is diagonal, which corresponds to one color. Take the example of red and green. Generally, the straight pin corresponds to red, and the slanted pin corresponds to green. When the current flows from the middle pin to the straight pin, the red light works. When the current flows from the middle pin to the slanting pin, the green light works. When the current flows from the middle pin to both pin, the red and green lights work together, mixing into colors. The general circuit will choose the red and green of this two-color LED to indicator the two working states of the circuit. In addition, there is a third mixed color, but the consistency of this mixed color is more difficult to control.

Double color indicator light

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The mounting dimension of the two color LED indicator light is 8mm, which is a popular product in our company.
The product can be achieved to a variety of colors, such as red and green, red and blue, blue and green, and other two colors. You can send us your needs and quantity, we will provide a plan for your reference.
Generally, the voltage of this two color LED indicator light can be 3~380v, but generally12V, 24V, 220V is more conventional.
The waterproof rating of the red green two color LED indicator light is IP67,      which can be used outdoors.

Automation equipment Coffee machines Test t water heater

It can be used in drinking fountains, coffee machines, water heaters, subway indicator lights, power chargers and other equipment.


The reason why the two color LED indicator light emits two colors is that we use two chips, both of which are packaged in the same bracket.


The two-color LED indicator light we currently produce has three lines, such as red and green two color LED indicator light, it has three lines, one line is common cathode or common anode, generally black, and the other two lines correspond to the color of the light. We will use red wires for red and green wires for green lights. The length of the wire is 20cm, and the wire is AWG22 or AWG24. It depends on your specific requirements.
The three lines on the indicator light are all different colors, the red line represents a red diode and the green line represents a green diode. We are based on the actual use of the equipment, connect different lines to the set lines, which means complete the wiring work.
Two-color lamp beads have 3 pins, as you can see from the graph. When the switch S1 is closed, a current flows through the green tube of the two-color luminous lamp beads, so the two-color luminous lamp beads emit green light. When the switch S2 is closed, the current passes through the internal red tube of the two-color light beads, thus emitting red. If both switches are switched on at the same time, the current flows through both LED at the same time. The red and green lights up at the same time, and what we can see is a mixed color light, which becomes yellow.


If you have any needs for the two color LED indicator light, please email us at sales2@filn.com.cn. Or you have any questions or ideas about the two color LED indicator light, you can also contact with our engineer louis Lin. His email is inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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