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The main reason you are still a victim is because you are looking for other people to help you out of your circumstances and this help will most likely never come. There are simply not enough resources in the world to help everybody who needs help. Our capacity to pull people out of misfortune is extremely limited compared to the need. 


The Action Aid in 2003 had found out that there were 78 million homeless people in India alone. The horrific reality of homelessness gets bigger and worse. It is suspected that 25% of the population is without adequate shelter. When 1 in 4 people are in need of assistance out of 7 billion, that’s roughly 1.5 billion people who need shelter, food, and clothing. Statistically, though there are resources in place the odds of getting adequate life changing help from outside agencies is not in our favor. It’s better to become our own personal heroes instead of waiting on someone to save us.

Homeless shelters are usually full and can only take a small number of people each night. For the record, when someone is asking us to assist them with shelter, telling them to go to a homeless shelter is rather ignorant. dismissive thing to say. If they ask us personally, if we can find it in our hearts to support them, we really are there best chance at getting them on their feet again. There is a good chance they have already tried several homeless shelters and they were all full. Depending on the area, homeless shelters may simply not exist.

Even if they found a bed, it would just be a bed for the night. This means they would expand most of their energy trying to find shelter the next day and be stuck in a desperation loop, which would not leave them with time to be productive in other fields or to have peace of mind.


It is also hard to find work as a homeless person because shelters have rules about what time you must be back or you will get locked out. The timeline for shelters does not meet most work schedules, so one has to choose between having a job or a place to stay. This honestly isn’t an easy choice, especially if the job isn’t enough to pay rent in the first place. Depending on weather conditions, not having a place to stay for the night could mean death or extreme illness. It’s hard to hold down a job while living in a shelter because the people are from the gritty parts of life so one can’t really trust those around them. You sleep among thieves, pedophiles, criminals, and drug addicts’ so you never know if what little stuff you have will be stolen the next day.

Needless to say if you are without a home you have very little control over your life. You are told when to get up, where to sleep, when to leave. Not having shelter leads to instability, not just physically, but mentally. When one does not have a bed for the night, anything could happen. They could get thrown in jail, murdered, or the lack of sleep roaming the streets might cause them to get fired the next morning at work because they are falling asleep in the office. Homelessness creates a loop of poverty just as poverty creates a loop of homelessness. The only way out of either of these things is to decide we are not going to be these things anymore.


It’s important to realize the biggest resource we have is our self. Within each of us we have the ability to solve our own problems and transcend any adversities. We don’t need to wait on a miracle to come, or foreign aid to help us. All waiting for help does is position us like sitting ducks. It positions us in weakness. It’s kind of idiotic to expect the world to solve our problems, especially if we aren’t making steps to solve them ourselves. The world is indifferent towards us. The world doesn’t care about us or our well-being. People love to say, NO to those in need. They love to place themselves in power, which means they like to see others weak and destroyed.


Showing your weakness is the worst thing we can do in this life. We have to help ourselves or all is lost. We have to pretend to be strong when we are holding back tears. If we want to get out of homelessness, the best thing we can do is find a job and pretend like we are not homeless until we save enough money to make this reality. We have to create an illusion of success, even if we are far from it. People are more willing to help the rich than the poor. It is better to be known as an asset rather than a burden to society. People try to avoid those who they think will make their life harder and they seek out those who they think will make their life easier. Nobody thinks being friends with the homeless is useful. It’s a cold logic, but true.

Excerpt from Self-Help book Transforming the Victim by Lyon Amor Brave

Remember, this is an excerpt therefore is not conclusive in information or in context. This article is no way suggesting homeless people are at fault for their tragic conditions, especially children. If anything homeless people are victims of greed and big corporations, as well as individual apathy and prejudices we have towards them, like they are drunks. The truth is most homeless people never had homes to begin with. This article is simply stating resources are limited and people are not likely to be generous, not likely to help you. If you are in this situation your best bet is to be resourceful and help yourself.. Fredrick Douglas, a former slave and writer, stole to get out of his homelessness, to get to his freedom. I'm not suggesting to be criminals. I am suggesting to do what you have to do to survive. If anything, this article hopes to encourage more people to help people on a one on one basis, instead of expecting a shelter or some magical charity to do it.

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Lyon Brave

4 years ago #2

The UN is underfunded and understaffed and what constitution do you speak of Americas, there are 195 other countries.

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #1

Very very sad... Nobody should become homeless

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