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FlexClip Templates, Business v Utestyle v Social Medi +


Amazing Videos Made Easy
with FlexClip Video Maker v

FlexClip is a simple yet powerful video maker that creates marketing videos and family stones in minutes

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Being able to count on an online video author, which is free, is to be thankful. FlexClip offers everything you need to create marketing videos and family stories in no time. You have to start using this tool to discover what we can do.

Apart from everything necessary to proceed with creating and editing a video, there is the possibility of having countless templates of all kinds. There are them to make personal videos and share them with friends, apart from on YouTube, FB, and Instagram, in other media.

And it still offers more. In this way, it is possible to insert portions of text in the videos, still or animated. Other elements can also be incorporated. In addition to this, we have countless videos in stock, which can serve as a model. The set also includes audio files and photographs.

FlexClip Features

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Among the peculiarities that FlexClip offers, the following stand out:
1. It is free.
2. Provides a clean storyboard for putting together multiple photos and clips.
3. Leave the use of flexible video editing tools: trim, split, text, voice-over, music, watermark, etc.
4. The interface is straightforward to understand. Let every user create videos in minutes. No video design experience is required.
5. The convenient choice can be made from a compilation of carefully chosen text animations. With this, it is possible to achieve a considerably more attractive video.
6. Videos can be previewed while editing them in real-time. What you see is what you get!
7. 1080p Full HD videos can be downloaded, without quality loss, to use anywhere.

Process to continue

The creation of any video requires three steps:
1. Upload media: Upload your videos or photos from your computer to the storyboard. The elements that you have made with your mobile device's camera or achieved by any other means.
2. Personalize: Add text, music, and voice-over to personalize your video.
3. Download: Download your video in multiple proportions and definitions or share it online with your friends and acquaintances.

To take into consideration

With FlexClip, business and lifestyle video templates are available. To achieve what we want in every moment, we will have to play with active texts, with the addition of overlays, with the insertion of widgets, logos, and other animated elements.

To achieve what we want, we will have countless royalty-free resources. You only have to access the multimedia library offered to us to find millions of high-resolution photographs, music files, and videos to be inserted into the one we create.

The functions added in this tool allow you to crop images, music, and videos. It is also possible to adjust the images to the desired size, change the aspect ratio or add unique effects. There is also the possibility of adding watermarks.


You have to register using an email account or use your Fb or Google account to start creating a video. From here, you will be able to start making your video using the online tool. If you wish, you can also download the Windows application and install it on your computer.
Here's what they tell us on the app's support site: "Whether you want to create professional business videos or personal video stories to share with family and friends, FlexClip makes the process easy with its ease of use, employment, and utility. Transform your inventiveness into incredible videos with FlexClip, regardless of skill level! 


To use this tool, you must access FlexClip. Apart from the free version, there is another, the Premium, with more possibilities. Today a new version of this tool ends up coming out.


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