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Financial Unhappiness & The Poverty Loop

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The poverty a bitch!

It's very hard to get out of poverty.

Research suggests it takes three generations to get out of poverty. That means if your grandmother works real hard, and your mother works real hard than you might have a chance to become middle class. You know I like to preach about the laws of attraction as much as Abraham Hicks, but I got to tell you, the hard knocks of life are a bitch...586e6a7e.jpg

I am not sure why I am poor other than I started out poor.  I don't have anyone I can ask for financial help, not family or friends. I don't even have people I can hang out with and have a few laughs with. Most homeless people never had parents. I'm not homeless, so I guess I should be grateful, but I'm very unhappy with my living situation.

  I am poor for a number of factors. The biggest factor is I don't have a car. I came back to America with nothing. Not having a car means I am drastically limited in my job hunt. If I had a car I could supplement my income with freelance opportunities. Because I don't have a car I have to take jobs that are in walking distance, which tends to mean fast-food.ab90a63a.jpg

You might say well buy a car Idiot, but I can't afford one. The current job I work pays minimum wage and my hours just got cut. Why is the cost of living so high in America. New London is not as bad as New York, but it's pretty close. One bedroom apartments out here will cost you about 900, not including utilities. You might say well make more money idiot, I'm trying to find a better job, but the job market is pretty dead out here and I'm stuck in a limbo of being over-educated and experienced in areas that are wrong for this area. You might say well get new skills, you idiot...sigh


Needless to say being poor it taking a toll on me. It's even worse because there are days I really believe I am going to make a fortune, but then there is the reality of my situation which is I can barely afford to take an Uber. Being poor affects my self-esteem.It affects my attitude. It affects my mood. I'm very unhappy with my financial situation, which means I am very unhappy with my life....

I need a real financial change soon.. I can't wait much longer.

I think whoever said money can't buy happiness was a rich ass hole. 

It could buy me a lot of happiness. Hell, I could save people's lives with money and buy them happiness too.

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