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Everyday we here about  small business success stories. Every day millions of people want to quit their jobs and go to work for themselves, but how do we do this on a limited income and by limited we mean POOR. The answer is easy you buy online real-estate. What is online real-estate you might ask?  Online real estate is a domain name and once you own that name just like property, you can sell it to somebody else. 

You can check out who owns what domain name by visiting

Technically, as soon as you buy a domain name you are a small business owner.

Now, that doesn't mean you are a successful business owner. You will have to likely work on just building your site consistently for a solid year before you see a couple of grand. You will have to research the market and figure out what to do with the internet space you rented. When we say build a website, that's a generic term. Websites are as different and as unique as people and some websites are literally being solid for millions of dollars,  while others aren't making $h!+ so how much you profit depends on your effort.

Now, I know what you are thinking if building websites and selling them for profit is so easy, why isn't everyone rich. The obvious answer is because it isn't easy. Building a website isn't easy. Generating a consistent flow of content isn't easy. It's an almost impossible challenge to do by yourself, which is why the most successful sites, actually hire people to generate their content. Social Media sites like beBee and Facebook have users generate their content for them, but you are not in the position to do this right away.  

The cheapest way to start a small business is to get online. You can sell t-shirts, food, ideas, music, whatever, but make no mistake if you aren't willing to work for free and stick with your project for a couple of years, you will never see success.

87c069be.pngYou can purchase domains from 9.00 USD all the way up to literally millions of dollars. My Domain Name cost me 8.99 to purchase for one year. That's pretty cheap if you ask me. However, realizing the importance of a domain name I wanted to go with a different idea called Mucho Dinero. I know it was a good idea because when i went to purchase the domain name it would of cost me over 22K. Now, if you have the money to purchase such an expensive domain name, it probably already comes with a certain amount of traffic every month, so it would be well worth the money. Basically, I wanted to brand what was already on the market, but it cost too much to do that, so i'm going to have to put in the footwork and brand myself. Anyways, building the site for Mucho Dinero wouldn't have been as much fun as building Brave's World. 

Anyways, the overhead for online real estate is low and it's the fastest growing business. 

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Lyon Brave

4 years ago #3

Harvey Lloyd I know you are talking about business, but your advice is very philosophical. It really has me thinking about the situation I am about to return to and how i can better prepare for it knowing what i know now.

Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #2

Liked the marketing cycle, very real. I started 30 years ago with my small business. I was dumb as a rock when it came to understanding what was involved. I self educated just enough to get to three questions. 1) A product or service someone needs/wants, and they may not know they need it yet; 2) I already have customers out there, but how do i find them?; 3)How can i sustain cash flow during the building process? I started with 3k. I was a large job superintendent on industrial projects when i started the business. No contacts at all in the local economy and the customers i served for others required way to much capital to get started to even call on them. Mimicking others success can give you a boost in where to start but they cant sustain you. I learned that mentors or mimicry dropped me off short of feeding myself. "I" had to be successful and was not the mentors i was following. The key became the cycles as your flow chart shows. Unfortunately the cycles are always shown flat. They are not. If we could turn your cycle on its edge you would see that you never come back to the same spot twice. Its like a funnel. We have similarities as we pass through multiple times, but with each pass we are different and the situations are different. Keep in mind that in order to move up in the cycle each revolution you should be able to state why this time is different. If you pass the same spot at the same elevation of wisdom then the cycle will repeat. Traversing the cycle many times is where we develop our business scope and goals. Good luck with your venture.

David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #1

Good points here, Lyon. I wish you good luck with your online endeavors. Remember, no risk no reward. Thus, kudos for taking that leap of faith. And keep buzzing!

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