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Brown In America: Made In China

Brown In America: Made In Chinaor Megad lmim & Nats Households n 2012
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I am not sure America was ever the great nation it pretends to be. Immigrants from all over the world come there because they believe it is the land of opportunity, a country where the poorest can become the richest, but then they end up struggling and becoming the oppressed or remaining in a similar state of poverty they wish to escape from. A lot of people seem to neglect that the cost of living in America is really high compared to other countries. Even if it seems Americans make a lot of money in comparison to their counterparts. outsiders looking in seem to neglect that the vast majority of this money goes to greedy corporations. 

What I believe is the success stories of America have been greatly exaggerated by film and the media. For instance a lot of people will point to Barack Obama's success or Oprah's success and declare that means black people are finally equally liberated, which is simply not true.  One successful black person doesn't wipe out a slave nations history and one successful immigrant does not ensure success for all immigrants. Their stories let us know success is possible, but possibility is not reality and the circumstances surrounding their success are likely not surrounding you. We have to find the right circumstances to be successful in and that doesn't necessarily mean America for many and for many reasons.

a8fec0ae.pngIf you want to educate yourself France, Germany, Sweden and Brazil offer world class education for free just to name a few. If you are entrepreneurial and want to start your own business, it would be wiser to go to a country that is under developed to start a business like China. America is a developed nation. It might have been great for an entrepreneurial spirit in the past, but no longer. If you want to be a zoo keeper I would recommend Africa or Australia.

I see so many people come to America and the main reason they fail is they have no clue what they want to do other than make money and escape poverty. Hell, that's why American's fail in America. Too many people think the same way, come to America to get rich and it's saturating our market and contributing to poverty. You cannot just out run poverty. You have to have a plan and that is why many countries like China try to only allow skilled immigrants to enter their country. For me to enter China, I had to have a BA and a minimum of two years work experience in my field. I also had to have a police report and a company sponsor. They don't want people with no skills and no plan to enter their country and this is wise and what is best for the individual and the nation. 


Building a wall is stupid, most immigrants fly in anyway. My last roommate was from Romania and he was an illegal immigrant with no skills. He was working two jobs illegally at Burger King and McDonald's. He asked me to marry him to get his paper and I said, NO. He then called me selfish for not sacrificing my whole life to correct his mistake he could of easily avoided. He kept trying to convince me marrying him was what was best for me. He even offered me 10k, but to be stuck with that guy for 3-5 years wasn't worth it. Not to mention that kind of marriage fraud is a felony. When I asked him why he let his visa expire, he said because he thought an American woman would marry him. He chose to become illegal in this country. He didn't even run out of money or anything. He just neglected to handle his business. 

I do not feel bad for guys like this and they should be deported because they have no skills and because they do take jobs from our unskilled workers who need them to support their own American families. America does provide tons of path ways to citizenship, including marriage and just living in America properly for several years with all your visas in order can get you citizenship.

In China I could be a doctor, adopt a Chinese baby, marry a Chinese man and I would still not have Chinese citizenship, so I do not feel bad for immigrants in America who are illegal, because we provide tons of channels for them to become legal citizens. There is a big difference between the person fleeing for their life and someone seeking out fortune and fame.  Refugees are a different story entirely over the Mexican guy who comes over here to strike it rich.


Recently, I immigrated to China who has a stricter immigration policy than almost any nation and I did it the right way and with hardly any money. I have my Visas in order. I won't let them expire. I don't believe in living in other countries illegally. I am simply under valued in my homeland and as more illegally come to my nation to find work, the more colored people are devalued further. If illegal immigration makes it harder for white people to find jobs,  imagine how much harder it makes it for the black people. 

All I know is the world is constantly shifting and you have to deal with the changes. You need to become more skilled and adaptive to survive in this global market. Now more than ever, it's about what you can uniquely bring to the table. Show the world who you are and you will succeed, but you won't do it without MAD SKILLS. 

See many successful people find a loop hole. They realize the current way of doing things is not working and they make their own path. I didn't do anything astonishing like make Facebook like Mark Z, but I did go to China, which was an extremely clever and resourceful move for me and perhaps the only way I was going to escape my plight of poverty. 

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Phil Friedman

4 years ago #16

Lyon, I haven't presented a "theory" of anything, only raised some questions about the actions of ex-pats who choose to gain economic advantage by living in the midst of foreign local economies because they represent more "affordable" venues. I believe it important to differentiate between immigrant alien residents and ex-pats. The former generally have strong commitments and ties to the local communities in which they live and the local economies in which they work. The latter, however, in my experience are, in effect, permanent tourists, "floating above" the local economy, using it for whatever advantage they can find in its "affordability". Indeed, reading on and between the lines of what you yourself said supports this view. For instance, your own prior readiness just to break your contract and move back to the U.S.(?) I lived in Canada in self-imposed political exile for nearly 15 years, in protest against U.S. military adventurism is SE Asia. But I lived IN and as part of the local economy and never considered myself an "ex-pat". My fortunes were tied to the fortunes of the Canadian economy, which, I submit is a key difference between being an immigrant alien resident versus an "ex-pat." I am sorry if these questions make you (and some others) uncomfortable, but raising the specter of the ugly white male oppressors and exploiters in the West is only a diversionary tactic, not a rational response. To my mind, what we should be asking ourselves is what ex-pats do for a nation and its economy, not what they can squeeze out of the host nation's more "affordable" cost of living.

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #15

Phil Friedman I think your theory is absolutely wrong,. Sometimes I walk in local shops that have slow business or no business and you can't tell me that I am exploiting a local by buying something from them when they are praying for customers. No company ever said you have too much money to be here. Sometimes I buy things because I feel bad and I don't even actually want the item, but it looks like their business is struggling a lot. You know what creates crime, poverty. You know what can turn an economically struggling country around, tourism. In fact there are many countries that are proud to cater to tourist and do it for the increase in money. Are countries catering to tourist exploiting tourist, I don't think so. I think you are looking for a negative were there is none, but if you want to talk about exploitation, I really think America is king of that especially the white male, I mean if we are going to talk about countries and communities like expats living in china in a vague general sense, then we can talk about America and race in a vague general sense. The white American male would be the expert on exploitation.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #14

#3 China as a nation is not economically disadvantaged, indeed, it is a strong, controlled economy. However, it has large segments of the which are economically disadvantaged and work at much lower pay in real terms than their counterparts in the west -- especially those who work in the service industries. So when an ex-pat chooses to use his or her externally-generated income to live "better" in China -- or in Mexico, or Bali, or wherever, it tastes to me like taking advantage of the "locals" who labor under an economic disadvantage. People work for "less" out of necessity, not choice. So unless you tell me that China makes sure every housekeeper or cleaning person has an opportunity to go to university and find a better paying job, I cannot help but see an ex-pat living there because "everything is more affordable" as being tainted somewhat by exploitation. IMO Cheers!

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #13

China is notaneconomically disadvantaged cultuer. just because something isaffordable does not mean its cheaper. And yes expats help the economy they do not hurt it. Iam working And living in China. I do what most expats do. i teach english. i sell ecommerce. #14

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #12

#3 I have very mixed feelings about ex-pats residing, but not working in economies where it is "much cheaper" to live. I have several friends who retired to Mexico because their retirement pensions and other funds "go so much further." For example, one couple I've known for years are ecstatic about being able to have a full-time maid for only about US$35 per week. While I understand their personal decision, I cannot help but feel that it smacks of exploitation of the economically disadvantaged of the world. Yes, big transnational corporations do it too with their globalization (which exploits labor markets in economically disadvantaged areas of the world) -- indeed have led the way -- but that doesn't make it right. And yes, you could argue that it brings money into a given depressed economy that might otherwise not be there, but again that doesn't, to my mind, make the exploitation and more acceptable. And that is why, Lyon, I am curious about your remarks concerning cost-of-living in China and how you make a living there (if, indeed, you are still living there). Cheers!

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #11

Lyon Brave Enjoy wherever you are ! Enjoy your life. This is the only important thing.

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #10

I cannnot wait to visit india. Anyone in tech clearly has THE mad skills i was talking about to be desired immigrants. Thanks for your comments.

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #9

You know David i did not mention China's child policy because THE article is not about that nor is it about slavery. To me THE article is about finding THE opportunity that is right for you. However i do not think policy is repression. China has a population problem. THE goverment had to control it. There policy is fair and logical under present conditions but my article was not about this policy.. I beilieve one of THE things i mentioned is everyone migrates to America which only creates more market saturation. You simply strengthened my argument by mentioning THE flock of chinese who migrate to America. America did not even make top ten best cities to live in 2017 because of THE race riots and high cost of living. Javier seems to understand a benefit to living in China is my money stretches here. It really does. I have no capital in America.. China gives me ground to stand on. China was a better choice for me than America.

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #8

yes my cell phone bill cost 13 dollars here. In america i was paying about 53

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #7

Google loves your beBee profile

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #6

by the way.... I love beBee !

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #5

For more than a century, the United States has been the world's biggest economy, accounting for over 24% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, according to figures from the World Bank.Both the IMF and the World Bank now rate China as the world’s largest economy based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), a measure that adjusts countries’ GDPs for differences in prices. In simple terms, this means that because your money stretches further in China than it would in the US, China’s GDP is adjusted upwards. And it won’t be too long before China’s economy surpasses the US’s by other measures, too. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) predicts it will happen in 2029. To a certain extent this is not surprising: China’s population of 1.4 billion is around four times higher than that of the US at 320 million. Despite the recent slowdown, China’s economy is still growing at almost three times the rate of the US – around 7% over the last couple of years, compared to less than 2.5%. But there is still a lot of catching up to do: China lags in terms of foreign direct investment flowing into the country. Its high-tech exports amount to nearly four times less than those of the US.

Javier 🐝 CR

4 years ago #4

Lyon Brave America is diversity. and I believe it is great for an entrepreneurial spirit in the past and in the present. Top 10 Worldwide Companies are american and I admire the US in terms of entrepreneurship. These are the reasons why I love the USA No nation is perfect and the US is not perfect at all but I love americans. They also love we are in love LOL 🐝🐝🐝🐝😎😎😎

David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #3

Lyon, you mention having a baby in China but exclude the harsh fact that China's communist government strictly enforces a one-child policy, yet another measure of repression against free will. Moreover, why are so many Chinese people coming to America? In fact, the Asian American population is the second fastest growing demographic in the USA, behind only Hispanics/Latinos. Further, the combined number of traditional "minority" groups in the USA now outnumbers the white population in every major U.S. city. This trend is projected to increase exponentially in the near future (by 2050 and beyond), according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Lastly, I would not downplay the fact that America, which it sounds like you believe is racist, elected and reelected Barack Obama as President over white male candidates. Also, I'm just wondering when you think America should finally put the issue of slavery behind us? What will it take beyond affirmative action and racial preferences to level the playing field? Reparations perhaps? What about all of the other people of the world throughout history who were once slaves in other countries, from Greeks to Jews? The fact remains that America is the world's most diverse "Melting Pot" in addition to being the most wealthy nation with the greatest freedoms granted to citizens, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, I say "Godbless America!" -- land of the free and the home of the brave! Apologies if you disagree. cc: Jim \ud83d\udc1d Cody

Lyon Brave

4 years ago #2

@philfriedman I was in China two years ago and I just arrived again. To be honest most expats work for a private school and return home because china is not home. I am a language coach. In China speaking English is a valued skill. I have a minor in English. This was a stupid choice for undergrad but i loved to write and was foolish to follow my passions. In america this makes me educated yet an unskilled worker. To make value of myself i had to go somewhere new. Actually english is a great business market if you are willing to travel. However i hope to do other things once i get more settled like build websites and sell foreign goods. There are expats that come here and start out as teachers as a stepping stone. i know several people who have started small companies here after learning some mandrin and getting settled. THE cost of living is so cheap i hav freedom is THE bottom line. My cell phone bill is 13 dollars and i could have got it cheaper. i waspaying 50 in America. it takes money to make money. For this reason i know have more opportunity. butwhat is right for me is not right for others. America is THE right opportunity for some but not me.

Phil Friedman

4 years ago #1

If I may ask, when did you emigrate to China? Are you still living and working in China? If not, how long did you stay there? And what did you do for a living while you were (are) in China? I believe that answers to these questions are necessary to give your expressed opinions some measure of authenticity and authority. Thanks and best. Cheers!

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