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The most important lesson I’ve ever learned is to pay respect to our service men and women.  In modern times, we easily want to disrespect these people. We magnify their errors, ridicule them on social media like Facebook and Instagram and rarely say THANK YOU to the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure our freedoms and make the world a safer possible.BLUE & GREEN LIVES MATTER: RESPECT OUR HEROES AGAIN!ea IDI, [3 1] RIH



When I was a kid, it was a childhood dream to be a police officer. Remember playing cops and robbers?! Nowadays kids are saying FUDGE THE POLICE. The iconic image of Army men and women and police offers being heroes is dying. The world is an increasingly complicated place and sometimes the wrong people are placed in dangerous and stressful situations. Sometimes the right people are placed in dangerous and stressful situations and mistakes happen. Either way, the flaws of these agencies should not give us a right to demonize them and forget all the good they do.

We call them pigs because everyone likes doughnuts?!!

Aren’t you glad they check for bombs at the airport? Aren’t you glad they arrest murders and rapists? Aren’t you glad it’s against the law to steal? Shouldn’t we run background checks on teachers and servicemen and women, and arrest pedophiles? Aren’t you kind of glad we got big guns, in case another country wants to use their guns?

For the most part, we agree most drugs are bad and cause people to act unstable, delusional and even dangerous and therefore should be policed. We can agree certain things need to be policed, and certain punishments need to be in place. We need security and protection on an individual level and global level because civilians of the world can ACT CRAZY. Civilians love to riot in big groups and say “Fudge Christians”, “Fudge Gays”, “Fudge Isis”, and “Fudge Muslims”, “Fudge the Police.”4c830016.jpg

Civilians can be highly dangerous to service men and women, other civilians, and themselves. I want you to think about your Drunk Dark Night you don’t refer to. How angry were you? What were you drinking and thinking? How many police officers did you call pigs and try to piss on? This is the small stuff service men and women deal with. They deal with us fighting with our neighbors while intoxicated, they deal with our domestic violence issues at home, our bar fights, our car accidents, then they deal with suicidal people, an extremist with bomb threats and real bombs, armed robbers, killers.

Our servicemen and women are constantly in danger because we put them there. We call them to help us and get us out of jams we got ourselves in like getting drunk and wrapped around a telephone pole. We commit the crimes and then because a rookie cop gets jumpy, we demonize the whole process of law and order, the very thing that protects us and saves us.4c42e3db.jpg

You might not realize what an @$$ you are being because you are wasted! America has a very strong drink culture for our servicemen to deal with every weekend!

As civilians looking in, we need to understand these people are under extreme psychological pressure. Sometimes mistakes are made and lives are lost, but if an aggressor is coming at a serviceman or woman, which is against the law, and shows a clear lack of respect for the lines that society has clearly drawn, they have to be subdued, and depending on the circumstances, the lighting conditions, that might mean killed. The officer cannot let themselves be killed because of an armed or aggressive assailant. Have we begun to sympathize with criminals too much that we forget servicemen and women need to protect themselves from highly dangerous situations on a consistent basis?

When we talk about freedom, we also need to be thinking about justice and redemption and what it takes to maintain freedom. Recently, we are making a mockery of our heroes. We are not saying enough good things about them. Why can’t we call more attention to the good soldiers that are out there? Why can’t we draw more attention to good officers? Maybe it would inspire more heroes and fewer criminals. I refuse to believe the image the media is trying to paint servicemen and women in.

The media is painting a picture of cops being bad guys and military personal being the enemies of common man. These men in women in authority and power should absolutely be brought to light when they are acting against the moral codes they swore to uphold. We should demonize those who betray our trust in the civic sectors.

However, what about the honorable men and women who do their jobs and uphold the law so the world may be a safer place for all of us. I don’t know about you, but I have to believe the cops are there to protect me. I don’t want to believe police officers are my enemy or that the government is corrupt, and that the military is unethical at its core. I believe these agencies are very good at their core, but unethical things happen in this world PERIOD POINT BLANK and we will never live in a utopia, which is why we will need our heroes to remain our heroes and continue to fight for safety and security over chaos and war.d9539d08.jpg

SHOUT OUT TO A FALLEN HERO: Sgt. Dennis Weichel, 29, and a U.S Solider died in Afghanistan at the age 29. He died a hero as he lifted an Afghan girl who was in the path of a large military vehicle barreling down a road.

Can I get an AMEN!!!!!!!

                                  (Image Credit: U.S. Army)

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Harvey Lloyd

4 years ago #2

I appreciate this post. All to often we discuss the negatives of an organization without considering alternatives. If our honored veterans in blue and green were omitted then who would you call in time of defensive need? I make mistakes everyday and can correct my position quite easily. Mine doesn't involve a gun, fire hose as a tool, nor does it involve rushing into situations everyone else is running from. Thanks for your diligence in reminding us of our need for people who look out for us, and their challenges.

David B. Grinberg

4 years ago #1

Bravo for this post, Lyon. I likewise think that our servicemen and women, as well as law-enforcement officials, do not get the respect they so rightly deserve. Moreover, I agree with you that the news media sensationalizes incidents between police and certain groups to paint a false narrative. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the news media focused on all of the exemplary work and service of police and the military, rather than only focusing on negative isolated incidents and blowing them out of proportion. Thank you again for this timely and important read. Keep buzzing! 🐝🐝✌️️👏

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