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Everyone desires to be popular and the life of the party, but when you are popular among the common this will keep you common. We do live in a class system. There are the rich, the poor and the middle class. You can be popular among the poor and you can be popular among the middle class, but if you are not popular in a crowd that is worth being popular in what's the point. 

You need to think about how and where you spend your time and you need to think about how and where you spend your money? 

How do you spend your Saturday nights? 
This is an important question... you need to think about it.

How you spend your Saturday night could be the reason you whole week is unproductive. Think about it,even though we have decided culturally in America and globally, that Saturday is national get drunk and wasted day, why do we need to do this every Saturday? It cost a lot of money to get drunk at a bar or a club and then what kind of decisions do you make under the influence?

 Do you say and do dumb things? Do you develop a reputation as a bar fighter or a bar whore, or a drunk? What kind of game do you think you are playing at a bar or a club? I am going to tell you something the only winners at a bar or club are the people who are working it and making money?

 The owners are making a lot of money off of your decisions to interact in high risk behavior with strangers.

 Ask yourself honestly, has going to a bar ever advanced your life?

 The bartenders and the entertainment are winning, but the people who are so wasted they end up throwing up outside, or handcuffed by the end of the night are losing. 

Honestly, you got to be willing to admit you are spending all your time and money in an effort to impress nobodies. What does going to the same bar every Saturday night ever get you in this life, but drama. Honestly, it's not like you are sitting around with top dogs and divas, you are mostly interacting with people who are on the same level as you or beneath you. 

If you really want to start a business, or get in shape, you need to think about how bad going to the bar really is. Every-time you walk into a club or bar you put yourself in a high risk situation, especially if you are partying in America. People get shot at clubs, that's why they have security that checks your bags for guns. You have to think, why would you willingly walk to a place, where there is a certain amount of security personal already there because there is a strong likely hood of life threatening drama going down.

 Is partying on a Saturday night and looking cute in front of them boys worth taking a bullet for?

Not all clubs and bars are dangerous for gun violence,  but any place that serves alcohol there is a strong chance of women being raped, and general debauchery, some people call this fun, and it is every once is awhile, but ask yourself if you are partying in moderation or all the time and ask yourself if you could have made better use of your time instead of playing yourself and destroying yourself, and distracting yourself in a dark place crowded with strangers to fill the void in your life. 

This is a warning and advice for the entrepreneurs out there who want more from life. 

There is nothing wrong with being a bar rat, if you have decided on a regular job and blowing off steam on the weekends is all you want to do. I do not right my articles for the common. I write them for the ambitious and the very nature of the word ambitious means something extra. 
  • having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

 The beer you drink will gather around your belly. The money you spend will go to waste. The smoke you inhale will damage your lungs and your skin. A random drunk could destroy your life even if you re-frame from drinking. 
 I am not sure what you get out of clubbing, new friends, drama, a night in the police station, but you really should think about how you spend your Saturday nights because it could be setting up your whole week on negative tone. Think about Sunday morning is spent curing yourself from a hangover, instead of mentally preparing yourself for Monday or going to church, or going for a run. You are just lying in bed like a dying person, like a loser.

 There is nothing productive about recovering from a hangover. 
Lyon Brave 


noun [ U ]
UK /ˌpɒp.jəˈlær.ə.ti/ US /ˌpɑː.pjəˈler.ə.t̬i/

B2 the fact that something or someone is liked, enjoyed, or supported by many people:

the increasing popularity of organic food

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