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There is something extraordinary about the way children view the world that adults could learn from them. Obviously, children can learn from adults too. A child cannot understand what it is like to put food on the table, or how hard it must be sometimes for their parents to leave them with a stranger so they can provide for them. ADULT SEES LIMITS: CHILD SEES LIMITLESS

What most children have, that most adults are lacking is flexibility. Children are malleable and open to the universe. Adults form rigid and usually inaccurate opinions. Kids are willing to try new things and think differently. Adults have already formed their habits and stick to routine. Though routine and structure are important, so is a since of adventure. Children have it, adults don’t. Adults want safety and security. Children want excitement and magic.

The reason for this is kids haven’t come face to face with the idea of their mortality yet. They have no concept of being a grownup or even an autonomous being that can function independently. As far as they are concerned they are invincible, incredible and capable of any great feat. 

They haven’t learned to be insecure creatures as so many adults have. We even see them running around with capes, which embody the limitless human potential. 

Children don’t see limitations, which is why they are always getting into trouble by their adult counterparts for attempting to do something dangerous, like jumping off a roof with an umbrella. Children have an innate confidence about themselves and seem to want to test the boundaries of their physical limits, and we see this in the way they play, stacking up mattresses to jump off ladders, climbing any height just to make it to the top on a dare, and they do any daredevil act until they get their first broken bone, which teaches them a 32af63eb.jpgvery heavy truth, they are not invincible and they do have limitations, which is the moment insecurities and doubt begin to set in. The first time we get hurt, changes how we view life forever.

At some point as adults or teens. it seems we all become bitter and cynical and we decide the world is a painful, cruel place, but I am here to remind you to look at the world from a child's perspective. Children think everything is cool, the grass, insects, magnifying glasses, sprinklers, motels, jelly, fries. Adults have a tendency to find things to complain about instead of seeing the wonderment and amazement in the world like children do. If every 4378d1d8.jpgday we could look at the universe with fresh eyes, and forgive the people who have hurt us and realize it has nothing to do with the world, but people, and those people who hurt us our no longer real but phantoms, we could live a lot freer and calmer, without having to worry about being harmed on a daily basis.

Damien Hirst said, “I think it's more that when you're young, you're invincible, you're immortal - or at least you think you are. The possibilities are limitless, you're inventing the future. Then you get older and suddenly you have a history. It's fixed. You can't change anything. I find that a bit disturbing, to be honest,” and it is disturbing. We should not live in the present moment, with every bad memory at the forefronts of our minds. This is going to fuel our world with doubt, skepticism and failure.0841ee34.jpg

It’s illogical to distrust a whole gender or race because of a couple bad experiences, and the majority of us make an adult practice out of this. Holding onto the past is a limitation. Saying we will always be fat, or poor, or hate our family is a limitation. We have to find a way to hit the reset button on our life every day or we will be in excoriating agony. We should not live today carrying a load from yesterday. Imagine how miserable we must be if we are walking around with twenty or fifty years of emotional baggage. It’s a new day for a reason, take advantage of it and be fresh as a child.

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Lisa Gallagher

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This is a great buzz Lyon Brave! I have to admit, I still get excited when we are heading to a new city and hotel. I still get childlike excitement when I see tons of beautiful lights at night. The waves coming onto shore still excite me. I've realized the older I get, it takes little to excite me. The sad part is the fact that many of us do lose the other innocent aspects of our childhood which affect us in ways we may not even be aware of. I must have been a naive kid because I thought it would be cool when I became an adult and not have to worry about Adults getting angry with each other. Some adults are worse than kids in that area. Most kids move on very quickly and forget as well. You wrote, "Adults want safety and security. Children want excitement and magic." I still want excitement and magic!

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