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I am not sure why I needed help or permission to take a shit. Maybe it was because I was outside and free in nature, but this guy who appeared to be my friend and the one who gave me permission to take a crap took a picture of me while i was shitting and I wanted him to delete it. 

At first, I was polite and asked him nicely to delete the humiliating photo, but he refused, so things escalated quickly and because I am a good fighter I beat the crap out of him and left visible marks on the dude in the struggle to get his cell phone and delete the picture. Witnesses called the cops and the next thing I know I was evading them, running from them and I was very good at dodging them,. 

I thought about getting on a plane to China, but I thought I might be caught at the airport.You never know how fast information spreads or how much trouble you are really in until it's too late. Then I thought about confronting the cops and letting them know the violence that took place was because he took a humiliating photo of me, but I realized the fact that I left marks on this guy I was never going to win with the cops. I was going to go to jail for assault, so then I thought about beating myself up and lying to the cops about what happened. 


This was my entire thought process in a dream or a nightmare that I woke up from this morning. 

Let's call it a nightmare because for some reason it left me in a bad mood all day, but really the dream was warning me about my temper. I remember waking up and realizing it was just a dream and how easy my whole life could have been ruined over losing my temper. I was grateful to be in China and not in Cambodia running from the cops for kicking a guys ass who took a humiliating photo of me. I not sure why I am sharing this very stupid dream with beBee, just to keep writing going I guess, but i think the meaning of the dream is the things that you think can ruin your life or are worth defending yourself for are minor no matter what a dick a person is being. A guy taking a picture of you taking a shit is minuscule in this life and not worth throwing your life away over.

What can ruin your life is losing your control and your temper. People will do things to anger you, they will try to provoke you, they will try to humiliate you, but the worse response is letting them provoke you because that means they win.  Even in moments when you seem justified to punch someone like when they call you a nigger or piss on your shoes don't let them win. In fact when I was in Cambodia, AND THIS WAS NOT A DREAM, in less then 24 hours a white guy called me a nigger at a bar, and another white guy i woke-up to in a hostel sleep jerking right by my head and then he started pissing on my shit. Both these incidences i really wanted to fight these guys, but I didn't. I did control my temper though they did incredibly degrading things to me and now I am in China. If i did not control myself I could have been in Jail though they were provoking me.

The moral of the story is don't let the jerks win and steal your life. 


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