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A Letter to My Brother About China, Thailand, Cambodia, Travel & Consumerism by Lyon Amor Brave

You say to write you???

A Letter to My Brother About China, Thailand, Cambodia, Travel & Consumerism by Lyon Amor Bravei



I am not really sure what to write. 

I am in Thailand. 

Thailand is a country about politeness. 


Instead of waving to people, you bow to show respect. 

There are three different ways to do this, one is of mutual respect, one is reserved for people higher than you and one is reserved only for the king, but everyone is respected in this society and it is a beautiful thing. They will play the national anthem and the whole city freezes to show respect. When I first arrived in Thailand, I did not know this so I was moving through a frozen crowd. I now know to stand still. There are many monks here. Being a monk is common. There are even many girl monks. The women wear white. Male monks wear like an orange- brown.

Lyon Amor Brave

China was a different story. 

 In China there is a lot to do, but I felt like all anybody did was eat, of course eating is a part of their culture, enjoy a meal together, but Americanism has slipped into China. 

Starbucks and McDonalds are everywhere in China now. 

China is very convenient and you can get McDonalds delivered to your house. Everyone cares very much about having pale skin and they will carry umbrellas to make sure their skin does not turn dark. The Chinese can be very racists in the sense they really worship whites, like India, China is also a country that was once colonized by the UK, which is a polite word for taken over. You will see signs that say whites only, blacks do not apply. China was closed off to foreigners for a longtime. They are not used to foreigners so their ignorance must be forgiven.

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