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1.) Love your mother:

I don’t know how many people I hear disrespecting their mothers these days. Talking about, she don’t do shit for me. Fool, she carried you around in her womb for nine months, then fed your ass for 18 years, and now you want to act like she ain’t do shit because you a grown ass man and she wants you to get a job. Boy you better be grateful. Your mother gave your life. What the hell did you do for her besides bitch?

2.) Take care of your children:

You better not be that deadbeat that has five different baby mamas and doesn’t take care of any of his kids. There is nothing cool about a deadbeat and someone who abandons their children.

3.) Touch people: 

Don’t touch people sexually, but touch people, on the arm, the shoulder, hug them. Humans don’t touch enough. Touch is good. It helps us connect with each other and feel warmer towards each other.

4.) Say I Love You:

If you love someone tell them. People make it taboo to say I love you, but I love you man. . 8 THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD DO WITH THEIR LOVE by Lyon Amor Brave387aac0f.jpg

5.) Visit your sick friends:

If someone you know is suck or in the hospital, don’t avoid them, don’t forget them, go bring their ass some soup. This applies to your friends who are in jail. Wouldn’t you want your friends to come see you if you ended up in jail

6.) Help people: 

Hold the door open for people, help the woman you see struggling to lift a box, help your nephew with his math homework, give the guy digging in the trash a couple dollars, smile, make people laugh, be polite, say thank you.

7.) Forgive people: 

We all make mistakes. Is it really worth throwing a relationship down the drain over a mishap? You have made plenty of stupid choices and said thousands of rude things, so check yourself.

8.) Remember the Golden Rule: 

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

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