Park Hyatt Hangzhou

Sales Coordinator - Park Hyatt Hangzhou (BB-14036)

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  • 确保范围之内的所有相关信息的记录或电子的数据库系统的定期更新。
  • Ensures that therelevant information of all allocated Accounts is being updated regularly inthe record or electronic database system.

  • 当销售部副总监/ 销售经理 / 销售副理缺席时,回应所有的电话或者咨询,确保数据 / 信息被正确地及时得到传递。
  • In the absence ofthe Associate Director of Sales / Sales Manager / Sales Executive, responds toall telephone calls or inquiries, ensures information / messages are accuratelyreceived and relayed to the managers concerned in a timely manner.

  • 随时跟进处理销售经理/副理分派下来的任务。
  • Follows up salesleads whenever required or assigned by the Sales Managers/ Executives.

  • 及时地准备、编译而且分发给每人每周 / 每月的报告。
  • Prepares, compilesand distributes the weekly / monthly reports in a timely manner.

  • 通过直接的销售电话接触或书信沟通,维持酒店高度的公众知名度。
  • Ensures a high levelof exposure for hotel through direct sales solicitation of telephone contactand written communications.

  • 确保活动、会议和宴会日志的正确维护。
  • Ensures theactivities / events Log book is being accurately maintained.

  • 协助编辑市场调查、竞争对手研究报告。
  • Assists in thecompilation of Market Surveys and Competitor Researches report.

  • 必要时,协助向客人提供相关酒店信息。
  • Assists in thedistributions of relevant hotel information to clients when required.

  • 协助 / 参加销售部的销售“攻坚战”。
  • Assists /participates in sales blitz.

  • 维护和现有客户的良好关系,并在需要时为客户提供一切协助。
  • Maintains goodrelationship with the established clientele and provides all necessaryassistance when required.

  • 与相关的运营部门保持良好的协调和合作关系,确保满足客的要求和期望。
  • Liaises and worksclosely with the related operation departments, ensuring guests needs andexpectations are being met.

  • 准备而且确保所有的宴会预订及时传达给相关的部门。
  • Prepares and ensuresall Events Orders are distributed to concerned departments on a timely manner.

  • 当销售经理/副理缺席时,协助跟进所有销售经理/副理的相关工作。
  • Assists the SalesManager / Executives to follow up on all matters in the absence of the SalesManager / Executives.

  • 练习优秀的电话沟通技巧,并能够做到优秀的电话销售。
  • Practices excellentTelephone Handling Skills and is capable of excellent Telephone Sales.

  • 工作时,始终确保有一个专业而适当的计划目标。
  • Ensures that aprofessional and appropriate image is projected at all times while on duty.

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